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CAF CL: Zanaco reign in Rwanda

Zambian league champions ‘Sensational’ Zanaco on Saturday afternoon made qualified to the 1st round of the 2017 CAF Champions League with a 1 – 0 away win against APR of Rwanda.

The Numba Mumamba coached side made amends after a stale goalless draw in the first leg and were in front as early as the 16th minute when full back Taonga Bwembya slammed the ball in the net from a free kick.

Numba made only one change to the team he started with in the first leg which saw Ghanaian striker Kwame Attram start ahead of Kennedy Musonda.

With the newly acquired foreign legion missing the preliminary round,  Zanaco will be satisfied that they scraped through and will be looking to a stronger performance in the first round when the team will be at full strength.

Zanaco XI vs APR

Racha Kola, Ziyo Tembo, Fashion  Sakala, Taonga Bwembya, Chongo  Chirwa, Boyd Musonda, Attram  Kwame (Kennedy Musonda), Saith  Sakala, George Chilufya, Augustine Mulenga (Ernest Mbewe), Richard Kasonde

24 Comments to CAF CL: Zanaco reign in Rwanda

  1. Sibs says:

    Congrats Zanaco. Need to work hard next round.

  2. Chisuta says:

    nice one zanaco, plz chicken is coming work hard. This taonga guy is gud boma iwonepo or sory wada awonepo

  3. SMSoJC says:

    Congrats ZANACO. More wins. Shalom.

  4. Egwugwu says:

    Off topic kalaba off form in a game sundowns vs mazembe super cup .Kalaba did completely nothing against billiat and onyango who edged him.he was substiyutedbin 80′ And you blame kalu for not voting for his guy.

    • Positive thinking says:

      Dude, are you still on this? No one said anything about Kalu except you in this thread. A lot of us defended Kalu for his decision which I still defend because you vote on merit not on national lines.

  5. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    believe it or not kalu takabepo nafuti FA President so u’re just wasting yo time what more he can’t stand as caf President bcoz of corruption, kalu is a devil who don’t want some other Zambian player to reach were he reached, congratulations zanaco

  6. GRAND says:

    Think before yu write anything, what have you done for zambia ? When you are good you are good, you don’t neeed anyone s help.
    By the way who helped kalu to achieve in his football career ?

    • Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

      Iwe Grand us or we(people) helped kalu 2 achieve wat he achieved 2 day maybe U’re not a Zambian coz if U’re a truly Zambian ninshi walyumfwapo saying ilya ati umunwe umo tausalanda and 2 tell you the truth in life you can’t succeed without people so ifyo ulelanda ati who helped kalu?@ kalu helped himself U’re just lying watimo even the best coach in the world he can’t coach a club or national team without a assistant

  7. Kalaba was indeed a shadow of himself. he did norhing in rhat game. billiat at least showed some classic football n Onyango saved his team pa last sondown wins.

  8. That’s why he voted on merit not because he is from the same country i also watched the game kalaba was useless indeed.that game was kalaba vs billiat.coming to zanaco I did not gave them any chance but I only said a miracle can happen and it has happen so congratrations to zanaco focuss on the next game

  9. kalaba v billiat this battle between these two is because of the greedy oh great kalu, what kalaba or billiat did in that game doesn’t mean that kalaba is not as good as khama billiat or kalu was right for a decision he made, billiat had a home advantage, fans also play a very important row in football, kalaba could have not performed better but it makes no difference to who kalaba is, captain both Zambia and at tp mazembe and still has a long way to go and make history, congratulations zanaco.

  10. Kasama Boy says:

    The league in South Africa is 3 or 4 games old, and Sundowns have had some game time. The leagues in Zambia and Congo has been on recess for about 2-3 months. So first, ZANACO has not had the required game time to jell, especially after losing so many players. They huffed and puffed against a team from Rwanda (not that this team is weak, but) because ZANACO need to play a few games together in the local league. Kalaba’s TP Mazembe has been on break too. So they were ALL not up to their optimum.
    Like him or not Kalaba is simply good.

  11. Kasama Boy says:

    By the way Congrats ZANACO, for doing it away from Home. That’s modern Football.

  12. Discipline says:

    Zanaco the BP raiser,up your game against kuku’s younger

  13. PIKU says:

    Congrats Zanaco, I said it.On Sundowns vs TPM,Kalaba has won the first biggest trophy in Africa which the so called Billiat will never lay his hands on.Both Kalaba and Billiat were substituted.So the one praising both Kalu and Billiat,I don’t know what is in your brain.

  14. No one is praising kalaba or kalu but that game was kalaba vs billiat the fact will remain the same kalaba did not play very well

  15. Positive thinking says:

    This Kalaba vs Billiat and who won best Africa based player is not about who is the better player. It is about who had the better year in terms of performance and accomplishments

  16. SLIM says:

    Three events are cast in steel as far as Zambians are concerned: Firstly Kalu spearheaded Afcon 2012, secondly Kalu is corrupt, thirdly Kalu betrayed Kalaba by voting for a foreigner. He is ungrateful for wat Zambians hv done for him over the years. Mwana wa NDOSHI.

  17. SLIM says:

    Umwana wa Ndoshi is forever ungrateful. Forget abt this escariot and talk abt under 20! Kalunga, Luchanga, Daka, Fashion, Mwape r in the final team! what of pros Sunzu of Israel and Banda from Portugal.

  18. Kuku says:

    Congrats to my team zanaco. Keep it up.

  19. Kuku says:

    Viva kalu viva. That’s all from me for today folks. Goodnight.

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