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CAF CL: Kambole demolishes Swallows with hat-trick

Zesco United kept alive their chances of qualifying to the quarter finals of the 2018 CAF Champions League when they walloped Mbabane Swallows 3 – 0 thanks to a Lazarous Kambole first half hat-trick.

Missing up to four key players owing to visa issues and injury, George Lwandamina had to do with what he had and he named a changed team that saw Anthony Akumu Agay and Solomon Sakala play in central defense while young Shemmy Mayembe filled in at right back.

Despite the changes, Zesco looked like they wanted it more and were attacking from the start.

The goals came late in the first half after Lazarous Kambole benefited from two assists from Maybin Kalengo before he showed individual brilliance to complete his hat-trick in a space of 5 minutes between the 38th minute and 43rd minute.

First Goal:

Kambole starts the move from midfield, passes to Kalengo on the left side of the box who lays it in the strikers path as he dashes into the box, he controls shoots hard and low but the keeper saves. Kambole is picks his spot from the rebound to finish with his first touch


Second goal:

Swallows try to start from the back right on top of the box, Kalengo quickly challenges the defender and the ball finds Kambole who calmly controls the ball in the box to rifle it into the roof of the net


Third goal:

Long laow ball from defense finds Kambole who is tightly ploiced by his marker near the centre circle with his back to goal…. flicks the ball with the outside of his right boot and runs round the defender on the left side to find the ball again… steady’s himself to shoot past the goal keeper who was off his line from 40 yards

Zesco basically managed the game well in the second half defending well and attacking sporadically and they could have added more but for the failure of Kalengo close range.

Watch Kambole hat-trick and other highlights here.

The goals take Kambole to 6 goals in the tournament this season one behind the leading scorer.

Zesco also move into second position on 5 points with one more game to play at home against group leaders Etoile du Sahel who have 10 points with a game in hand.

Zesco United XI v Mbabane Swallows

Jacob Banda – Shemmy Mayembe, Fuckson Kapumbu, Solomon Sakala, Anthony Akumu, Kondwani Mtonga, Misheck Chaila, Lameck Banda (Mwelwa Mwape), John Chingandu, Maybin Kalengo (Dave Daka), Lazarous Kambole


15 Comments to CAF CL: Kambole demolishes Swallows with hat-trick

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lazzy balange, in you I trust.

  2. Zagwa says:

    I know my comment will be controversial, but I ll leave with it!!! We ve sidelined local talent at the expense of these third class pros!!! Do we really need pros from Kenya, Uganda Tanzanian??? These countries envy our football, but because of our inferiority complex, we think everything foreign is better than what we have. I ll repeat what I ve said before, the best players in Africa go to Europe, second group to North Africa and South Africa, then TP Mazembe. What u get paid Zambia are rejects from these contest. And u get them leaving your well groomed lads, battle harden from the dusty streets of Chawama, Kalingalinga, mpatatamatu, Chimwemwe, Lubuto, dambwa?? You get boys without a proper football culture all in the name of professionals??? Sure, that Mbababane Swallows could come here to clober u guys should jerk u up. Our game was on the assendance and vultures noticed, and we fell for it. Shouldn’t we really have be proud of our own!!! Shane on u Buildcon, Lusaka Dynamos, Zesco, ZANACO, even Nkwna!!! No wonder Green Eagles, and Green Buffaloes are grinding u up.

    Give us the pride of a real Zambisn team, not matokoso ya banthu you call professionals?!!!

    • Mingalato says:

      Ba Zagwa,
      Kutumpa fye uko. What’s wrong if Kambole went to play in Kenya?
      Be proud of all these players coming to play in Zambia.
      For example Agumu Anthony played great, and a pro.

      • Anonymous says:

        I would appreciate if you put up your points in an intelligent want than disarming me with your misguided justification for the indefensible. In football terms, we are better than Kenya, Uganda and Tanzanian. Meaning that pound for pound, an average Zambian boy is better than guys from these countries, y should we really dump our boys enmass in preference of these. And emperically, how are those teams with huge foreign contingents faring relative to the others. Zesco, ZANACO, Power and Nkana ve always had a bigger pulling power for players even locally, but has this madness for the foreign logs made them any better? Our football was reaching respectable levels, better than the Nigerian, Ghanian, Ivorian and in playing standards seriously competing with the South African league. But in a blink of an, a team from Swaziland, a team from Angola can come to humiliate our top teams here??? What happens if we faced East African opposition, u think these guys ll continue playing here if Zambian teams continued performing poorly???. And who ll have brought down the standards? I m not saying we shouldn’t get any foreigners,I m saying late us get the talents that our local leagues can’t produce. That’s what all the best leagues do, not just stuffing up your team with marathoners and sprinters who offer nothing more. And it’s not really about Zambianss playing in East Africa also!!!! Good Zambian players will play anywhere in the world!!!! Not as a diplomatic reprocicity!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Good one Ba Zagwa

    • Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

      The problem is ba FAZ. FAZ has the right to set a limit of the number of foreign players each club has to feature in a league game. They should not be more than 3 featuring at the same time in a game being played. This way FAZ will protect our local talent, otherwise as the situation is Zambian football will suffer

  3. Joker says:

    Zesco can’t be second. The Angolan side is also on 5 points and according to car, the first criteria for separating teams which are level on points is points earned on head to head games. In this case zesco drew at home and lost away to the Angolan side.,.

  4. Romes Tapfumaneyi says:

    ZESCO well done,That’s was a brilliant performance. Let them say whatever is in their minds but the fact of the matter is ZEGA has beaten Mbabane Swallows period.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you Zagwa

  6. Daniel says:

    Zagwa nowander you are zagwa. Your thinking is outdated.

  7. Pundit says:

    @zagwa..just say faz should have a limit as in how many foreign players a club should have eg in one season a team can’t register more than 5or6 foreigners… This will give enough opportunities to the locals to feature ,on the other hand these foreigners have brought some positives especially attitude, mental strength and professionalism..Think of the likes of Walter Bwalya,Odihambo owino,Mugalu,Absolute professionals on and off the pitch..

  8. paker says:

    Master kombole well done

  9. paker says:

    master kambole well done

  10. discipline says:

    It just puts us were we belong nothing more or less Swazi stupid team relegated where it belongs,as in @zagwa wabantu’s point you are very much on point serious league say a limit on outsiders how is that kalonda better than Solomon, howz those power strikers better than ghapy lungu of now supersport,and many More useless foreign players.

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