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Breaking News: Issa Hayatou falls as Ahmad wins CAF Presidential election

The president of the Madagascar Football Association, Ahmad Ahmad has defeated long-serving CAF President, Issa Hayatou in the just ended CAF elections held at the Africa Union Plenary Hall in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

His victory ends Mr. Hayatou’s 29-year reign as president of the Confederation of African Football.

Cafonline confirmed the results as follows:

Ahmed Ahmed: 34
Isa Hayatou: 20

Ahmad of Madagascar pulled off a stunning upset on Thursday as he ousted long-serving Confederation of African Football president Issa Hayatou by winning election to the top post at the organisation’s congress in Ethiopia.

Cosafa were quick to claim that the region threw their support behind the new CAF president as indicated in a report on their website.

The 57-year-old former government minister, who uses just a single name and was backed by the COSAFA region, won 34-20 in the poll for the CAF presidency to bring to a surprise end the 29-year tenure of the 70-year-old from Cameroon.

The result was greeted by cheers at the CAF Congress as Ahmad was carried on the shoulders of jubilant supporters to the podium after the result was announced.

Ahmad, previously minister of sport and minister of fisheries in his home country, offered voters a fresh face to a younger generation of football association presidents emerged.

Hayatou’s long career in football is now at an end, although he is still an International Olympic Committee member.

“It is not that bad,” he told reporters as he departed the hall, having first been elected in 1988.

41 Comments to Breaking News: Issa Hayatou falls as Ahmad wins CAF Presidential election

  1. Sibs says:

    Wow!! This will go down as one of the biggest NEWS in African soccer for years to come.
    Good riddance. Corrupt to the head this old dude was. We will see fairness especially for Eastern, Central and Southern African regions. Lol

  2. AMANDO says:


  3. Don says:

    It was about time,let’s see how far the new man will take us. Perfect summary for him though after awarding the next AFCON edition to his country which in all fairness was supposed to be hosted by Zambia.
    Thanks for all you’ve done n enjoy your retirement.

  4. Logic says:

    Long overdue. They say you have to leave the stage when the applause is still going…The applause stopped a long time ago for this man and he should have retired gracefully instead of being defeated by a virtual unknown

  5. STUMPY says:

    there goes our afcon bid. we wanted him out alrigt but he gave us asurance to host afcon shud one of the bidding teams pull out.

    • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

      That’s a load of BS. You think this guy was ever going to give it to Zambia?

    • kamwa says:

      That was corruption, he wanted a vote from Zambia. How does he single-handed give Zambia the opportunity to host AFCON. He corruptly did for the past 3 AFCON tournaments. He changed the clause in CAF Constitution (change age limit to 71 so that he is eligible to stand) for him to participate in this election… He is a disgrace!!!

  6. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    This is fantastic news indeed. This Issa guy was taking African soccer so far down to the bottom of the drum that had he won again it was going to be a miracle to get out of. This winner though is an unknown and sometimes in a dire quest for change you end up with an even worse person. Hopefully that is not the case. We have done it right in the Zambia FA and also at FIFA, lets hope we have also got it right at CAF.

  7. Prince says:

    Well done Africa!

  8. STUMPY says:

    @big steve. keep consoling yoself, we now have to start bidding from the bottom. with the useless kamanga in charge.our under 20 afcon was marketed to hayatou. the new man will have ideas of his own.

    • Logic says:

      This doesn’t even make sense. This guy was endorsed by COSAFA, which Zambia is a part of and basic logic would dictate that he standing on a platform of breaking the stranglehold of African football by West and North African interests so how does that not work in our favor? Hayatou did his part for African football but his time has been up for a long time. Useless Kalu, useless Kamanga, useless Zambia…who exactly is useful to you sir? I will gladly buy you a beer if that cheers helps cheer you up. Quit being so uptight!

  9. Prince says:

    Let’s wait and see how Zambia voted lol

  10. Pungwa says:

    The era of corrupt dictators in football management has come to an end, FIFA, FAZ and now CAF. These football managers had become arrogant and couldnt listen to anybody. Say something and you are threatened with a ban – ask Simataa. Our COSAFA president was facing disciplinary action in the same old fashion just for hosting a party. Ni ndalama za n…..ko ?

  11. Pungwa says:

    CAF presidents since 1957:
    Abdel Aziz Abdallah Salem (1957-1958)
    Abdel Aziz Moustafa (1958-1968)
    Abdel Halim Muhammad (1968-1972)
    Yidnekatchew Tessema (1972-1987)
    Abdel Halim Muhammad (1987-1988)
    Issa Hayatou (1988-2017)

  12. Finally Africa has spoken I’m happy that this dictator is gone he was very bias toward other region he use to favour the west Africans you can even see how he was awarding the hosting rights it was all west Africans let’s hope sanity will be restored to our game and we all know that this man was corrupt let’s hope his immunity will be rifted so that the law will do its job as for the new man do your job without fear or favour you should report all the corrupt activities which this man did to the anti corruption commision do not be like our incompeted kamanga who has no vision to run football in zambia

  13. soccerguru says:

    Okay Stumpy it’s either walipena. ….naguwuli icipuba. ….u r can’t be normal…how is Kamanga useless…what did u go through as a child for u to be so mental??

    • Naona says:

      Guru, dont mind Stumpy…..he is just one of those bitter cadres for the chap that Kamanga defeated. These are the same chaps that were protesting on the Copperbelt that “Kamanga had taken all the Zambia U-20 games to lsk. If it was Kalu, he was going to give one game to the CB.” You see it’s hard to deal with an ignorant person. According to them, it was Kamanga that was making fixtures…………..very embarrassing thinking.

  14. Bsimms says:

    Pweee this just complements our victory! West African dominance out of the window.

  15. The new CAF presdent should also investigate how those west African countries were given those rights to host the Afcon because you can’t take the Afcon to one region for the next ten years we don’t do things like that if those countries were given the hosting right through corruption the new CAF presdent should stripped them those rights let sanity be restored in the game


    At least Change! There is change in every walk of life blowing in the air if you have eyes you can see, please wait and how the whole world is going flip-flop or somersault ichikwangwa pamulu ubwali panshi every one has been sleeping awaken and see the change!!!!!

  17. Logic says:

    Election of the CAF President for the 2017-2021 cycle

    Outgoing President: Issa Hayatou (Cameroon)


    Ahmad (Madagascar) – 34

    Issa Hayatou (Cameroon) – 20

    Election of the members of the CAF Executive Committee for the 2017 – 2021 cycle

    North Zone

    Outgoing Member: Mohamed Raouraoua (Algeria)


    Fouzi Lekjaa (Morocco) – 41

    Mohamed Raouraoua (Algeria) – 7

    West A Zone

    Outgoing Member: Amadou Diakité (Mali)


    Amadou Diakité (Mali) – 22

    Hassan Musa Bility (Liberia) – 26

    West B Zone

    Outgoing Member: Anjorin Moucharafou (Benin)


    Amavu Melvin Pinnick (Nigeria) – 32

    Anjorin Moucharafou (Benin) – 17

    Central Zone

    Outgoing Member: Adoum Djibrine (Chad)


    Adoum Djibrine (Chad) – Elected unopposed

    Central-East Zone

    Outgoing Member: Magdi Shams El Din (Sudan)


    Juneido Basha Tilmo (Ethiopia) – 9

    Magdi Shams El Din (Sudan) – 12

    Moses Magogo (Uganda) – 7

    Suleiman Hassan Waberi (Djibouti) – 20

    *Suleiman Hassan Waberi elected after Magdi Shams El Din withdrew before second round of voting

    Southern Zone

    Outgoing Members: Ahmad (Madagascar), Suketu Patel (Seychelles)


    Danny Jordaan (South Africa) – 35

    Frans Mbidi (Namibia) – 24

    Rui Eduardo Da Costa (Angola) – 25

    Suketu Patel (Seychelles) – withdrew

    * Danny Jordaan (South Africa) & Rui Eduardo Da Costa (Angola) elected

    Female candidates


    Isha Johansen (Sierra Leone) – 35

    Lydia Nsekera (Burundi) – 12

    Election of the African representative for the FIFA Council for the cycle 2017 – 2021

    Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish Category


    Hani Abo Rida (Egypt)

    Tarek Bouchamoui (Tunisia)

    Tarek Bouchamoui elected after Hani Abo Rida withdrew

    Francophone Category


    Augustin Sidy Diallo (Cote d’Ivoire) – 19

    Omari Constant Selemani (RD Congo) – 35

    Anglophone Category


    Kwesi Nyantakyi (Ghana) – 33

    Leodegar Tenga (Tanzania)- 20

    Open Category (3 positions to fill)


    Almamy Kabele Camara (Guinea)

    Lydia Nsekera (Burundi)

    * Almamy Kabele Camara (Guinea

  18. Don says:

    Now where the hell is that Equatorial Guinea FA who was saying that Hayatou was the only one who was capable of running African ⚽️.
    We were denied the opportunity to represent the continent at the Confederation cup and as if that was not enuf , the 2019 AFCON Edition denied too leaving only South Africa the only country to have ever hosted this side of the continent. No regrets for me thanks!

  19. STUMPY says:

    some1 has stolen soccergurus ID. the guru i knew always spoke sense and was a useful blogger

  20. SimmzSimwinga says:

    Good riddance.

  21. Stan Dongo says:

    He betrayed Zimbabwe and now he was aiming for the Zifa President rest in peace

  22. humble says:

    Congrats Africa 4 ousting dis Dictator, enough is enough, jx like wen blatter wz ousted n kalu @ FAZ, itx time 4 change n revolution in football,,,congrats mr Ahmad

  23. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Gents this is a victory for change and also for the ousting of another African dictator but in all our jubilation lets not throw caution to the wind. Ugandans clapped and danced when Idi Amin took over simply because they had achieved change and yet look what happened. I’m happy for the change but this guy is unknown, we need to monitor him very cautiously.

    I have to say big-up to the Nigerian FA for standing their ground. Despite Issa always favoring them they voted for the greater good of African soccer and not selfish needs. I really want to see which other West African FA’s voted against Issa.

  24. kampombwa says:

    A sad day for the Old man and a Great day for southern African football may we host at least 4 concurrent afcon tournaments in the region we will show the juju boys and their neighbours how its done professionally.

  25. Enock says:

    Whatever can be said, where is a Zambian representative in all this, why Francophone what about Anglosax, zingati kaya uko, but I mean English speaking representatives?

  26. Kasama Boy says:

    What needs close scrutiny is the FIFA, CAF and FAZ constitutions, especially the FIFA one. Why is it that almost anyone who comes into these positions becomes a dictator overnight?
    I believe the Constitution must be giving those wings, for e.g., the rule that Governments should not interfere in the running of the game. This rule must have certain proviso’s to counter check and balance big headedness. Poor Governments’ all over Africa use poor people’s hard earned Tax to fund these Football Associations, yet they have absolutely no say in how this money is spent.
    No wonder whoever comes into these positions never wants to leave them. Issa Hayatou was in Zambia for the entire duration of the U20 Competition, if we assume that his allowances were US$250/night only, how much did he earn?
    The FIFA constitution needs to be checked.

  27. Issa aya? too good, the old man became too old to maintain the rhythm of the daily changing game of soccer, we need new minds new ideas and fairness in the selection of afcon hosting zones or country, good luck Ahmed hope you don’t become big headed and start behaving badly.

  28. Zamfoot give us the latest news we are tired of this issa hayatou story update us about the continental games that zanaco and zesco united are playing tomorrow

  29. soccerguru says:

    Zamfoot has gone into hibernation …..serious chickens back Zamfoot. …..bloody bobine

  30. Kuku says:

    Sad. Soccer has developed so much.

  31. sly says:

    Zamfoot is too quiet. Are they shocked by their own news?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Please let me remind all of you that Hayatou is from Central Africa and Cameroon is CECAFA not WAFU. In fact he hated West Africa so much that he divided WAFU into zones A and B because he foresaw WAFU becoming the strongest bloc in CAF. This result is very good for West Africa, just so you all know.

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