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FAZ expel vice president Richard Kazala and Blackwell Siwale

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) council has expelled FAZ  vice president Richard Kazala and committee member Blackwell Siwale.

And the motion to impeach FAZ president Andrew Kamanga at the Emmergency Council Meeting failed to take off.

Fazfootball reports that their expulsion was not immediate as it came after their suspension was confirmed via a simple majority voting process in which 257 out of 278 votes were in favour of the suspension.

The expulsion vote was passed by 264 votes out of 284. 

The two were suspended last year for gross misconduct which included allegations of pocketing money paid by State House for gate takings meant for FAZ.

29 Comments to FAZ expel vice president Richard Kazala and Blackwell Siwale

  1. BMD says:

    Good idea

  2. GRAND says:

    Well I don’t think this is the end of the Kazala story, it may take a new twist soon. Their case was taken to ACC and it was dismissed.
    Hope it won’t bring more problems to Zambian football.

  3. Bug-Su says:

    ACC could have dimissed the case because FAZ sought not to testify but deal with the matter administratively… It is evident that money that was entrusted to the two fellows was not retired and hence their predicament…. They two are clearly bringing the name of the game to disrepute and must be retired on national interest….

  4. PIKU says:

    I’m very excited.

    • TC Soccerman says:

      Me too. Hopefully next time we hear about Kazala,he will be wearing the government bungle. Lol. Lock him up.

  5. SLIM says:

    good riddance, now get them locked up. Drag Kalu to court for emblezzlement. Scumbags

  6. GRAND says:

    @ B u g- su @ Piku
    There is no theft case that can be done administratively according to zambian laws.
    Remember there are two pending cases at ACC from Faz that are still active up to now, only kazala s case was dismissed.
    One involving kalu for abuse of office
    Another one involving kamanga for abuse of office.

  7. GRAND says:

    @ S L I M,
    Your excitement may be short lived, why do you always want to bring Kalu s name into the mad.

  8. I saw the speech that kamanga presented at the AGM today he only talked about the past like the under20 lifting the Afcon and qualifying to the world cup, the deal that he clinched with FNB the failure by the national team to qualify to Afcon and the disqualification of the under17 for age cheating but the question that I’m going to ask mr kamanga and his children on this site what about the future?I mean what is he intending to do to improve the standard of football in this country.because the purpose of the AGM you review the past and you present the ideals that you want to do in the future. the counselors should think twice about this visionless man he is not taking our football foward the earlier we realize the better for our football

  9. soccerguru says:

    Good…..kalu slaves must be bitter…

    • GRAND says:

      I would rather be a slave to a world icon than to someone who went to extent of forming a parallel faz just for personal gain .

  10. Zamfoot you should also realese the speech that kamanga presented at the AGM so that well meaning zambian can debate this speech on this blorg because the speech lack vision and future plan so it was useless to say the list

  11. TC Soccerman says:

    YES, this cancerous crook can go rot in whatever way he likes. Now Kamanga can get things done without thinking sucker leaching his blood. Useless fool. Is that cocaine on his face in that picture? Looks like it is, nowonder he is screwed up in his head. Bloody hell. Nzelu za u coloured uko.

  12. TC Soccerman says:

    Drain the swamp! Corrupt fools have been stealing without any consequences under Kalu and it was business as usual because even the swindler in Chief himself Mr “kaili yali ni nkongole fye” was the one directing all the manouvres of money at FAZ. Now with Kazala out, we need thoroughly audits done and every transaction that needs explanations need to come to light and all culprits should be caged.

  13. Now that the so called corrupt leaders have been expelled can mr kamanga give us the direction we need to know where is he taking our football?what policies is he going to put in place so that our football is developed example is youth football,and the untaped talents in the rural area because I did not see what is planing to do in his speech. zamfoot can you publish the speech that kamanga gave at the AGM

  14. Its only in zambia where you will find people supporting a visionless leader like kamanga.kamanga has never achieved any thing in his life as an administrate ok is there any one here who has the guts to point at what kamanga has achieved in administration before he was elected FAZ presdent?any one I’m waiting, even in FAZ the man has no vision no direction whatsoever infact he is the worst FAZ presdent in the history of zambian very useless very dull the list is endless

    • TC Soccerman says:

      Well talk is cheap. You can have a wannabe leader talk crap in a speech what they intend to do, yet they won’t actually do it in practice. Didn’t chiluba tell you that if you voted for him then every citizen will be guaranteed 2 eggs and a sausage during breakfast every day? We all know how that end up. So you can demand a speech to be published.. (Whatever good that does to anyone here is beyond me) , but still it will mean nothing. Kamanga is changing things at FAZ and it will not happen overnight. He will not be 100% right if that is what you are looking for, but atleast with a tight budget and resources, he is putting the team, u20 for example, first before his personal pocket.. Atleast that’s how I see it from a far. This is seen in the way he is sending our team to Europe in readiness for tournaments. The same can not be said in Kalu’s admin and you and I know that it is a fact.

  15. There is no difference between kazala and kamanga both of them are thieves and corrupt. kamanga is a wolf hiding in a sheep clothing because he is also under corruption investigation by the anti corruption commission those who are doubting should reserch or visit ACC.so the fool is also corrupt just like kazala soon he will start stealing the money from FAZ just like he did where he was working zambian football is in trouble with kamanga

    • TC Soccerman says:

      So you’re saying that Kamanga is a thief too? If he is and we all see it as we have seen with Kalu, Simwanza and Kazala and company, then me and all other fans here that want to give Kamanga a chance to lead, will be the first ones to call for his head. Speaking for myself, I don’t hate Kalu or like/favor Kamanga in any way. I just hate what an individual does ie Kalu’s arrogance and thefts.

  16. Sibs says:

    I hope sanity will reign in FAZ. If Kazala & Siwale were not bringing unity in the organisation and were sowing confusion then it’s good they out. We need unity and not personal vendettas.
    All FAZ officials need to work as one for the betterment of our soccer.

  17. Bsimms says:

    Ummmmmm politics & football can never be separated.

  18. Mr American citizen its not kamanga who is sending the team to europe but its the government through the ministry of sports. after a long time government is releasing the money to prepare the team so can you tell me something else.the talk is cheap may be its cheap but we need the direction through the speech will know what he want to do to develop football.look mr America every organisation has values and expectation but it unfortunately that the kamanga led FAZ has no expectation and value we don’t

  19. But mr America there is one question that you are avoiding to answer me before kamanga was elected FAZ presdent what did he achieve in administration at club level?be honest answer me don’t run away.yes kamanga is a thieve and corrupt he is under investigation of corruption by the ACC check the records at ACC but you can’t see that because you are supporting blindly.you are only talking about kalu and kazala corruption if you are objective like you are claiming to be you should also denounce the corruption of kamanga

    • TC Soccerman says:

      I am not shielding Kamanga, so if there is evidence that he is a thief then he should be able to pay for it and charged​. But I will not judge the man from what you are saying because you come out here as hateful to Kamanga and a Kalu cadre. We all know that Kalu is a swindler, it’s all documented, but let’s not get there.

  20. GRAND says:

    I hope there is tangible evidence against the two,
    if not Faz may be in more trouble if there is no credible evidence and this case is taken to court.
    Remember ACC dismissed there case cause of lack of tangible evidence

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