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Boyd Musonda gets Celta Vigo call

Zambia Under twenty national team midfielder Boyd ‘Tanker’ Musonda has received an invitation for trials at Spanish La Liga side Celta Vigo.

Zambianfootball.co.zm understands that the Zanaco combative midfielder is expected in Spain on the 10th of April and he will stay there until the 21st of April.

Musonda was the key man in he defensive midfield role in Zambia’s 2017 U20 Africa Cup of Nations winning team.

He was also instrumental in helping the U20 team national soccer team win the regional Cosafa U20 Championship where he emerged as the tournament’s most valuable player.

Tanker scored two cracking goals at the Cosafa tournament one of which was the tournament winning goal.

At club level, he has helped his club reach he group stage of the CAF Champions League having played in three of the four matches enroute to he last 16 of he tournament.

He is expected to be instrumental in Zambia’s quest for good show at the forthcoming U20 World Cup in South Korea.

31 Comments to Boyd Musonda gets Celta Vigo call

  1. Ghost says:

    this is a very good development hop he makes it, Spain is a very good destination.

  2. Tony mash says:

    I wish you good luck. Hope you will not behave like what chilufya did. We need players with progressive mind. Go and perform they will sign. Every move you make its a stepping stone. This is the right time to move. At the world cup you will be competing with a number of good players.. And scouts they have little confidence with young stars from southern african.

  3. Prince says:

    The sky is never the limit!

  4. chisuta says:

    congra my man, bt plz work hard footbal in europe is hard

  5. Truth is says:


  6. serenje says:

    if 5 key players from under can head to spain we can have a strong national team in the near future. Good luck boy

  7. Kasama Boy says:

    Encore to that we just need 6 of these U20 playing competitively in Europe and we are there.
    We once had Kalusha Bwalya, Lucky Msiska, Stone Nyirenda, Jonson Bwalya, Charles Musonda and later Ashios Melu playing in competitive leagues in Europe and we were on the up.
    Ashios even came back and started coaching Mighty, they won back to back league titles.
    This is what we want 6 U20s in Europe and our game will be there where it belongs.

  8. MuZedian says:

    Trials again. Ok fair enough but let spades be this is lunatic for our players to be attending trials. Hang on one sec. for a player to be called up means some lunatic has scouted him yeh, so why trials again. Let’s be honest here if a young player goes for trials and doesn’t make the grade and at that tender age don’t you think it’s damaging? Just my opinion. What do you think Nation.

  9. MuZedian says:

    All in all wishing you the best mwaiche

  10. MuZedian says:

    Waiting for soccergurus critics Kaitlin. Ulikuti boi?????

  11. MuZedian says:

    Ba serenje….we can have the who team head to spread…its not a given for success. It’s the players attitude to digest the experience and know how.. problem ku zed national team players have pride.

  12. MuZedian says:

    Pride generated by kaponyas always worshiping and playing puppets,to these players.

  13. MuZedian says:

    Even Fashion Sakala now is probably addressed as bosses. Question is does this pride get to our players and that pride is taken on to the pitch??!?!

  14. soccerguru says:

    This boy won’t make it in Spain. …His passing is awful. ….very poor passing ability…..ayve he can try Dutch league or Italy where his athleticism may be appreciated….but the Spanish are not patient with footballers who can’t pass the ball

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      Way to encourage the young man, wicth. The first thing you come here to say is by saying the negative, what is wrong with you? Are you God to know that he won’t make it? So if he reads your garbage before he leaves then what should he be thinking when heading to Spain? Sometimes its better to keep your filthy mouth shut than vomitting nonsense here, like seriously dude, how old the f@ck are you? Get a grip. You must be a sad f@ck in the first to have that kind of a mindset.Mcheew!

  15. Tc Soccerman says:

    Good luck to the young man, He will do well, if nothing falls through, World cup is around the corner, so there will be other clubs calling for his services.

  16. kensplash says:

    Let us not discourage these boys by always prophesying doom for them.Ba soccerguru ukulanda kwenu takuweme nangu panono.You should at least have wished the boy good luck and encourage him to improve in his weak area of ball passing.Otherwise this a good sign for better things to come to Zambian soccer.

  17. i am very happy with you ma boy,nothing is imposible when you play with your heart, you will achieve your goals.to play in lali ga that is zambian dream.impress them just like you did in cosafa.i am your fun good lucky god bless you

  18. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    soccer guru takalandepo ifituntulu tasekelamo ama Zambian players ngafilecitika,all the best n show charly dat even you,you can make it in laliga & no person is bigger than Zambia

  19. STUMPY says:

    gurus right. its imposible his frend has gone to lumwana

  20. Mwebantu says:

    Go get ’em boy!

  21. Mwebantu says:

    “Footballingulu” also known as football wicth! Wailer!

  22. Benhadad says:

    Is Boyd musonda still at zanaco?

  23. Bsimms says:

    What happened ? No follow up article to disclose whether he missed his flight back home / he suddenly lost inyerest going abroad.

  24. Bsimms says:

    * Lost interest going abroad

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