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Bowman Lusambo speaks out on ‘Football House mess’


Bowman Lusambo wrote:


AS a former football player and ardent football fan, I wish to join millions of Zambians in expressing disappointment at the dwindling fortunes of our beloved game in this country. I am in utter shock to come to terms with the fact that the Senior National Football Team is yet again missing out on a place at AFCON, consecutively.

The age group teams such as Under 23, Under 20 and Under 17 do not have any solid structures to talk about.
The team has even flopped at COSAFA and CHAN. The female sides including the one participating at the ongoing Women AFCON in Ghana just registered a miserable loss to Nigeria, complicating its chances of qualifying to the World Cup.

Reports of bailiffs at Football House paralysing operations are a regular occurrence.

Allegations that immediate past Chipolopolo Coach Wedson Nyirenda had gone unpaid for seven months have not been challenged by FAZ. The Chipolopolo has been failing to play quality friendly matches even during sanctioned FIFA days. The FIFA audit found glaring irregularities resulting in Football House losing a good share of its annual allocation from Zurich. The much talked about KoPa kit has flopped, the team now appears like a Sunday afternoon social football team.

It is now becoming agonizingly painful being a Chipolopolo fan. Football is about results and the results under the current leadership have been poor.

As the catalogue of failures keep piling up, it becomes non-negotiable that the current FAZ Executive led by President Andrew Kamanga should reassess its mandate, resign to save our beautiful game from the ugly misfortunes that have besieged it. President Kamanga, as leader of this sinking Ship should take the blame, show leadership and step down. It is clear that he has failed to plan, he has failed to exhibit leadership, he has failed to inspire and he has lamentably failed to unite the football family. His tenure has been marred by resignations of key officials.

Anyone who has followed football in Zambia will agree that the current Executive has spent more time fighting the previous administration and passing the buck. It’s now three years since President Kamanga took over Football House and surely it is becoming boring to blame the Kalusha Bwalya Executive even for today’s misfortunes.

The current leadership has unsuccessfully attempted to rubbish the achievements of the past Executive. Wisdom would have meant that they could have used the immense football knowledge and global connections that Kalusha Bwalya possess in an advisory role. Moreover, as a follower of football in this country, I do not believe that Kalusha would turn his back on a country that he loves dearly if called upon to assist.

Regrettably, the current Executive has spent so much time writing letters to regional and international football organizations to discredit a man the country has honoured as a Hero.

This whole debacle is happening at the time when the FAZ Patron, His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has exhibited unprecedented support for football development in this country. I am aware that the Patron is equally displeased with the state of affairs of our game because he has personally gone out of his way to support the team.

The Government through the Ministry of Finance has always released resources for the team’s full logistics. Through the Ministry of Sports, State House has chartered flights for hundreds of fans to go and cheer the team during away fixtures.

With this level of unprecedented support from the Head of State, it is inconceivable that an Executive can still want to remain in office when it has failed to organize the game. As a leader myself, I believe everything stands and falls on leadership.

It has therefore become untenable for President Kamanga and his team to continue leading the affairs of the beautiful game.

Hon. Bowman Lusambo, MP
Concerned Football Fan

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25 Comments to Bowman Lusambo speaks out on ‘Football House mess’

  1. Mwalife says:

    This is supportingly very good. Someone fearless has just spoken (written) the truth in plain language. Thanks Hon. Lusambo

    • Prince says:

      Yes we have problems in football but not within the country…the above statement is coming from a govt with excellent performances, with members who step down when things go wrong, calling upon my man Kalu to save us, a man kicked out of football by FIFA in a case he couldn’t argue himself out …in my handle opinion again, the above statement is a height competition of dwarfs🤔

      • Kachongo malasa says:

        I seriously doubt that this is coming from lusambo. There is slot of maturity in the current faz executive. If fax was to speak out on the mess they inherited the nation will be shocked. People in glass houses should not throw stones…. Civility

        • Babadabe says:

          Ignorance is no defense! why mention the previous admin 3 yrs we still can’t qualify for afcon and we keep blaming our predecessors. Shame on you.

  2. gkanja says:

    You are very right honorable…Your analysis is spot on…Ba Kamanga and his Executive must do the honorable thing and step down…They have failed the entire nation….It’s very clear that whatever plans they have or had are not taking the game forward…There is therefore no guarantee that they’ll qualify the team to the 2021 Afcon..So the earlier they step aside the better so that there can be a reorganization of everything at football house…We need a care taker Executive Team at Football house as of now…The Interim committee should be tasked to organize fresh Executive Elections of a new look Team,,whose mandate should start as from the next Faz general Conference….One would want to think that the main objective of the current Executive was to ensure that Kalusha’s name is painted black,both Locally and International…they seem to have succeeded…even at the expense of the Zambian game…which is very shameful..No plan for the future of the game…

  3. discipline says:

    Am still dreaming,zambia failed to qualify with a game to spare in a group of very useless teams can’t still belieave it and yet pathetic Madagascar, a country only coming to be known in football circles because of the caf President,has made it you wouldn’t believe it in a million years with a game to spare.ati we are equally sorry hence now we will implement measures to improve at times better someone just Shut the hell up,no comment what happened to that phrase.

  4. David Chawinga says:

    Honourable Minister, thank you so much for this very good and yet very important write up.First and foremost, i am very happy to note that besides kamanga’s poor administration of our beloved sport, you have also observed and seen that the much sung about KOPA jersey is really of very substandard design and when you look at our national flag, we can have a very nice design(slim fit),nicely combined colours of Green,Orange,Black and Red colours under famours brands such as Puma,Nike addidas or Umbro.Look at Zesco united jersey,the Zambian Nation Rugby team jersey,Green Eagles…..these are really quality jerseys worth buying as soccer fans.Look at the 2012 winning jersey under Kalu,very nice jersey it was.
    Honourable Lusamabo i have an appeal to make to our beloved soccer supporter number 1, His Excellency E.C Lungu.Sir Your Excellence, please give us Honourable Lusambo to run the Ministry of yourth sport and child development.from what i have read from his article,i feel without any doubt that he understands football very well and as such can lead us to greater heights.Bena Kamanga need someone like him to keep them on constant check and on their toes.the current Sorts minister is too much on a quiet side…sorry to say but i do not mean to take anything away from him.MY APPEAL TO YOU ZAMFOOT IS THAT PLEASE LET THIS POSTING BE SEEN BY THE PRESIDENT IF THERE IS A WAY AND PLEASE LET HONOURABLE LUSAMBO SEE IT TOO.

    • Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

      @ David Chawing, if you involve Kamfulumende to check ba FAZ, Kamanga will run to FIFA and FIFA will label that as Government interference

      The only way Government can force Kamanga to resign is by suspending the paying of Sven as coach, as well as suspending all financial support to ba FAZ, until they all resign, paving way for elections

      I rest my case

  5. Mwana Wamama says:

    Kamanga and his Team have failed us, they must go.


    Shame on Zambians and all bloggers on this site you have failed to account for your insults to your own surely the experiments of slavery have worked well I cannot believe my eyes and I thank God that I am alive to see these days, “THIS IS WHY IT WILL TAKE TIME FOR AN AFRICAN TEAM TO WIN THE WORLD CUP”.
    First of all let us compare Sven and Wada back then as Players, Sven is nowhere near Wada please consult Dr google and prove me wrong! As Coach Wada’s CV is more powerful and I watched the Chipos under Wada even though they were not a marvel to watch but they played way better with purpose than under Sven where they have been reduced to Chipantepantes. Let us be real WADA suffered because he is; Zambian, African and black, it is a pity that in Africa we will never stop persecuting our own if I can remember well this has happened to a lot of Coaches in Africa shakes Mashaba of RSA, the late Stephen Keshi of Nigeria to mention a few.
    Egypt is very successful because they use their own and believe in them also if we are to see results we should stop being “RACISTS”.
    Honestly, this Coach Sven is a “””NIGHT MARE “”” to Zambian soccer. Wada disciplined Kalaba and triple C you called him names but this Sven chased away Mbola nobody says anything “Muzunguwangas” so Kalaba and triple C can only behave under a white Coach? what a shame what these boys forget is that they will also be Coaches one day, they will reap what they sow. RACISM MUST FALL!!!!!!

  7. discipline says:

    Lost appetite for the national team,now will not even watch soccer Africa in fear of what those clowns will say about our failure both for the vhipos and janny issue,help us God.

  8. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Bia takes over from Bia


    Let us support Namibia for AFCON, they are going there for the second time did not so bad last time

  9. Big l says:

    Zambians we believe in try and error kamanga’s cv a failure at kabwe worriors and a failure at power dynamo what was in our mind that he was going to be a successful manager at higher level with his cv where are his friends simata and ponga

  10. 90 minutes says:

    Honestly wada did very well in that group of death, kamanga beats my logic on how he managed to send Sven to Ghana immediately after failing to qualify us to the afcon. He fears the one who uses the word Stupid more than us his pay masters. I also wondered why ponga resigned from the position he really wanted. Let Munaile or simata even the chairman of Lusaka Dynamo’s run the foodball affairs of our nation.

  11. Considerate says:

    Very annoying situation indeed! Never in our history! Sinata Simata; say something now. You pushed the hero “Great Kalu,’ in the corner. This are the results of your non appreciating attitude. Give us back our “Zambia.” Even after the demise of our heroes, we never suffered this humiliation!

  12. GRAND says:

    Lusambo. SPOT ON.

  13. Emmanuel Zulu says:

    You are right Honourable, we won’t go nursing BPs. The Kamanga Administration has failed

  14. Kachongo fred says:

    It’s very unfortunate if this is coming from a government official. Do we really understand football? I can see that soon or later the patron the republican president will soon be blamed for this going by this reasoning. Is honourable aware that bonneti served under kalusha adminisyration….yet bonneti contested his issue in court why? Do you know the genesis of these bailiff issues at faz? It simply tells a story that hon lusambo has not done any due diligency

  15. Joseph says:

    Don’t crucify the executive too much bane. Football is not only a game of skill but also mental and physical strength which our players are lacking even in club competition and this is what teams from southern hemisphere have developed edge over us. We have never qualified convincingly even under Rear. We failed to qualify to Brazil even when 3points bonus was given to us against Sudun. Let our players learn to have that zeal,passion to score as they practice accurate shooting on goal,they are very poor at goal. After King David and Chris we nolonger have a deadly striker we can be confident with. VIVA Zambian coach in

  16. KayyzB says:

    The current FAZ executive is insensitive to the fact that football defines us and gives Zambia an identity on the continent. Kananga and his team wants to destroy the hard earned identity which took lives of people in the Gabon disaster.

  17. KayyzB says:

    The current FAZ executive is insensitive to the fact that football defines us and gives Zambia an identity on the continent. Kananga and his team wants to destroy the hard earned identity which took lives of people in the Gabon disaster.

  18. phanuel says:

    Your are spot on papa Lusambo. Kamanga must resign his has brought us a lot of shame

  19. phanuel says:

    Kamanga must go his only good at attacking king kalus regime otherwise he knows nothing. Pansi ne Kamanga pansi pansi

  20. Sibs says:

    I do not support Kamanga but you have to wait for the Next FAZ Elections to remove him through the ballot box otherwise anything rather that you will be banned by FIFA. Look at Sierra Leon.
    As bad as things maybe wait for Elections. I have had a way i would quickly have the this Administration go but i wont unless through the Ballot box.

    We are in trouble.

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