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Blog: Zambia U20 – When a loss is taken as a ‘good’ loss

The Zambia U20 national soccer team on Monday afternoon suffered their first loss since their return from a training camp in Spain.

Coach Franklyn Malambo of Zambianfootball.co.zm shares his views on Zambia’s loss to South Korea.

The gallant Zambian lads swept aside challenges left right and centre and have won all the 13 matches they have played since the team was assembled only losing to the Barcelona B side.

The lads seem to have known nothing but wins not even a draw was in their mind every time they step on the pitch.

There was a feeling that that the bubble would burst some day and it came with a heavy 4 – 1 defeat to U20 World Cup hosts, South Korea.

Yes it was a good Loss. 

In Training matches, there are primarily 2 Variations:

1.Play a weak side to see if what you have been working on has been understood and

2.Play a strong side to see the weak points in the team.

At this stage of progression we are to focus on Option ‘2’ and I believe it is so with the technical bench.

With the team having been enjoying good form and a long successful spell, a dagger to the chest is okay as it is beneficial than it may be to the heart… It is an indication of the need to be much more careful next time when one engages in warfare and coming back even much stronger after a set back.

The loss to South Korea reminds us that we are not yet at the top of our game and that any team can beat us just as much as we are able to beat any team.

Worth noting is that the character is still at a high in the team considering that we went down and equalised soon after, that is a crucial trait especially at the top level of football.

The Koreans who beat us and even Ecuador whom we beat did not only test us mentally, but tactically and physically as well.

Modern football is played in the mind before the physical element comes in and as such we have to be street smart going forward.

The loss also shows us that we need to work on our defensive shape even before talking about the back line.

Defense is a collective job and even before the ball reaches our net, the 1st point of harassing and putting pressure on the ball is the player who loses possession be it a striker or a midfielder.

The First person to prevent a counter attack is the nearest to the ball.

Everything we do, think, activate or react to must be in relation to the position of the ball at any particular moment.

The loss also reminds us of the need for efficiency at this level  of the game and to approach the goal in a constant ravenous manner.

Conceding four is a sign of how generous we may still be at  the back and encourages us of the need to utilise  and make all chances count.

We have played much comfortably at home and even in South Africa which is Just like home and soon enough by the end of   the invitational tournament we will have a clear understanding of playing on neutral ground when not all factors    are in your favour.

Good exposure for the lads.

We may not read much into a training game but  by the next game and start of the tournament we will know and see how much coach Quick Silver Bestone  Chambeshi ”wrote and read” of the invitational tournament.

18 Comments to Blog: Zambia U20 – When a loss is taken as a ‘good’ loss

  1. This is what football is,it is full of surprises.Next time boys we are behind you.

    • Nostra says:

      Spain lost 4-0 to Portugal last week. Spain had all names we know. I only knew 2 Portuguese players.
      Back to under 20, game against Korea was exciting. My advise is top playing Mwepu as a striker, that boy would make a perfect holding midfielder or central defender, he is a better Kondwani. Kondwani is best Zambian player at moment.
      Then that new discovery Emmanuel Banda, umwaiche can play any position. I like E. Banda!!!

      • Kuku says:

        Kondwani is what? Anyway it could be good news if he has moved his game a notch up or notches. He is a big boy just not industrious, katwishi inga batina inshi to hold on to the ball a little longer.

  2. Gesh says:

    A good read. Having watched the highlights of the game,I would say 4-1 was kind to Korea,maybe 4-3 would have been a reflection of the game-Sakulanda and Mwepu missed chances…Anyway,better to miss now than at the tournament proper I guess?!

  3. kamwa says:

    Our striking force of Daka, Fashion, Edward, complemented by midfield (Mwepu, Emmanuel) helped releave pressure on our defense. This was our secrete weapon for winning u20 AFCON. We had a strong and effective striking force, so building on this should be the strategy during coming games in Korea. Patson and Fashion put so much pressure on the teams we played, this lacked in the game with Korea as they were not part of the team

  4. STUMPY says:

    i had said it. the overage players are out. chambishis lack of gameplan has started showing

  5. This tournament has shown us what we should expect at the world in the sense that south korea have a very good team they play quick football but our coach should work on the defence overly the game was good it has expose our weakness as for enock mwepu he plays like yaya toure of ivory coast he can play as an attacking and defensive midfield so converting him into defender that one I don’t agree

  6. Ghost says:

    good lesson even teams dat av bin together like Barcelona were beaten 4-0 by psg, we wanted to try a lot of permutations mind you boyd musonda de anchor man ddnt start n mayembe n nyondo started on de bench. A loss doesn’t necessarily mean we r a bad team it only shows dat we got weakness we need to work on.. Wen z de next game against Honduras?

  7. soccerguru says:

    This tournament has shown us that Beston is a chicken and won’t take us anywhere at the World Cup

  8. Mwebantu says:

    Footballdemon, don’t expect to win all the time! Teams win and lose! Wailers must understand that in football you win some and you lose some! A highly rated Mali team lost 6-1 and the same happened! Does that make you a monkey?

  9. Mwebantu says:

    All the best Zambia. You learn a lesson from a loss. Play your fast game. You can do it with purpose and concentration. The strikers too cost us the game. They missed so many scoring opportunities by kicking sure goals over the bar by several meters! That you cannot do in crucial matches and expect to survive. Please practice shootings at the 18, penalties and help the defence too! I have faith in you coach! Reinforcing the coaching staff can also be of help. “One finger cannot pick Footballdemon’s lice!”

  10. Mwebantu says:

    Good article!


    A loss is a good lesson just like a child will never learn to respect stronger kids if every time the Father or mother fights the kids battles and Further, If he/she is not given inkonya which will make one realise that Inkonya (punches) shilababa (they are sore or painful).
    These lads only knew Victory it’s times they learned what a loss feels like so that they can up their work rate, I feel Mangani Banda has been vindicated as I saw him warn these chaps in earlier matches but he was not taken serious even some bloggers on this site called him names for shouting at the inside players.
    If this team has to be excellent they need to learn to be alert and cautious at all times not complacent, Spain for one has been taught a live lesson for being too over confident. The Coach should cast his net wider to try and feel in the gaps, where there is need, as this is the only time when sharpening must be done.
    Now that the gaps have been exposed other teams will exploit the weaknesses S Korea exhumed (negative), this could as well be the Coach’s secret weapon or trap to lure others into complacence (positive).

  12. The Sumba says:

    guys well done but you should learned one thing next game put more effort.

  13. Positive thinking says:

    Good article coach. Very good for Zambia as a learning point

  14. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Good article although truth be told I was hoping the coach would speak to specific tactical approaches to adopt going forward and taking from lessons learned from the loss. I got excited when the coach spoke of the 2 Variations:

    1.Play a weak side to see if what you have been working on has been understood and

    2.Play a strong side to see the weak points in the team.

    After that I thought he would tackle specific player strengths and specific tactical approaches.

    Anyway overall it is a good piece.

  15. SMSoJC says:

    Great Team.. The Young Chipolopolo… Shalom

  16. muyunda mubebo says:

    Good luck young Bullets, cant wait for the world cup to start, Enock Mwepu, Edward Chilufya, Emmanuel Banda,Prosper Chiluya , Nyondo , Mayembe, S.Sakala , Fashion Sakala , Patson Daka to name just a few, dont you think there is a Derby Mankinka , Timothy Mwitwa , Kelvin Mutale Oh i forgot,Mangani Banda ( Efford Chabala) in this team (RIP) or aJonston Bwalya in this team ( John Soko , yellowman,Changwe,Chomba,Ba whizz, Bomber, Simambe ,Numba,winter, Watiyakeni Rob, Ba Richie , The two Moses ((,Chikwalakwala and Masuwa)Godfrey Kangwa , guys i cant recall all the players , but i wish God can bless this current under 20 team can reach that level . Not disrespecting our senior Chipolopolo, hey dont forget Great Kalu , Malitoli brothers , ba Aggrey , ba Mbasela , munaile, Evans Sakala, John Lungu , ba James Phiri , Davies Phiri ,and so forth and so forth ver few to mention thankyou Ba Quicksilver Chambeshi (Coach) Ba Bilton Musonda, Ba WadaWada , Ba Tenant Chilumba etc Thankyou to all Chipolopolo funs. Kalaba , CK11, Sunzu, Mayuka , Mweene ,we love you , we wiil be back ( Bapya) God bless

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