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Blog: We should have a stadium named after Kalu

I am critical with the common tendency of naming stadiums after politicians. You can do that in other areas, such as National Airports, while stadiums should carry the names of legends, among them Kalusha Bwalya.

In some parts of the world, naming rights of the stadium are awarded to and branded by companies. Vodafone stadium in Lusaka is the Zambian example of what I am talking about.

It is becoming a norm in Africa to honour former footballers whose archives are massive by naming a stadium. A Zambian top tier side, Kabwe Warriors converted their home ground’s name from Rail ways to that of their legend–Godfrey Ucar Chitalu–holder of the world scoring record in a year with 107 goals, but unrecognized by FIFA.

In Uganda, there is a Philip Omondi stadium to amass respect on the Cranes and Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) legend. South Africa have the Lucas “Masterpiece” Moripe Stadium.

Back home, Kalusha Bwalya’s archives are indispensable. He remains the only footballer in Southern Africa to have been crowned African player of the year, in 1988.

As if that is not enough, hitherto, he is the African Olympics football top scorer, were he netted the famous hatrick against Italy.

“King Kalu” as he is fondly called might have not put his hands on the Africa Cup of the Nations during his playing days, but, it will take centuries to match his records.

I know others have called for a statue to be erected in the name of Kalusha Bwalya, something which is farfetched, I reckon. A stadium is befitting for this legend.

It is true that many were not fans of Kalusha Bwalya as the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) president; but this does not erase his archives as a footballer. More importantly, this should not crowd our minds as to why this legend should not be honored.

Imagine this, Chipolopolo and the Super Eagles of Nigeria facing off at the Kalusha Bwalya International Stadium in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. It’d definitely be one way of preserving the name of this legend for posterity sake.


26 Comments to Blog: We should have a stadium named after Kalu

  1. Salus says:

    Its important to appreciate and celebrate someone when still alive. Kalu made us proud and connects Zambia to the world of football in some way.

  2. Isoka says:

    Great article , maybe a stand @ levy or heroes or when we built a stadium in livingstone or pa kopala we need to recognise what he has done for zambia regardless of short commings and his past im with the idea all the way #kingkalu#Zambia#Zamfoot

  3. Mingalato says:

    Kalusha should have run for Republican president, like over ambitious George Weah.

  4. J.S says:

    Its a welcome idea. I think irregardless of his short-comings, what he did as a player was extraordinary. A stand named after him would be also befitting.

  5. KK 11 says:

    Kalusha has a team called K-stars, let him convince the Govt to build a stadium where his team practices as home ground.Not in Living stone or Mongu where the Govt has mocked the people after failing to Build stadia,diverted the money to their areas such as Munchinga province.

  6. KK 11 says:

    Godfrey ‘Ucar’Chitalu 107 Stadium @ Brocken Hill Town.
    He played Football before it was commercialized, otherwise he was /is king of Football regent in Zambia,ask Jack Chamangwana of Malawi,ask rgends of Taifa stars and other East African Teams,Germany in the 1980 Olympics.

  7. Zambia shall win the Afcon again says:

    When i win the lotto and restart Mutondo Stars i will build the Wisdom Chansa Stadium

  8. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    serious I agree with you

  9. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    A whole stadium….mmmm not too sure bout that. A stand in an existing stadium will be a bit more befitting.

  10. Kasama Boy says:

    Just rename Shinde Stadium to Kalusha Bwalya Stadium. He exploded on the world scene from there.

  11. kensplash says:

    I prefer “King Kalu Stadium”.

  12. Justice Lukanga Kafusha says:

    Rubbish no sense at all

  13. Justice Lukanga Kafusha says:

    Let him build his own Stadium and name it after himself

  14. Justice Lukanga Kafusha says:

    Kuleni kabili bushe yashani kwati nombo twa pena

  15. Positive thinking says:

    I think the blogger makes sound arguments. An international stadium with the name of Kalu though is too ambitious. A stand at Hero’s stadium or even Levy would make sense.

  16. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    There were greater playes than him and he knows. Let Shinde Football Gruond be named after him

  17. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Kamuchanga stadium for it is there he started his useless caree. What did he win with the National team? Nothing

  18. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:
  19. Tony mash says:

    Kalu is one of the greatest player in africa and he is known all over the world and he is one of the few player who raised the zambian flag abroad. Apart from that he won silver and bronze medal for zambia. And he brought afcon to zambia when he was the faz president.

  20. Tony mash says:

    Kalu is the one and only from sourthen africa. It will be good to remember him whilst he is still alive

  21. km says:

    Kalu,sacrifice a lot for the country. He deserve

  22. SLIM says:

    Pele Stadium, Maradoma Stadium, Puskas Stadium, Kalala Stadium, Ayew Stadium, Milla Stadium, Kazadi Stadium; phew….. any idea where this nonsense would b headed ?! hopefully not Zambia

  23. SLIM says:

    @ KK11…….Gvt putting up stadia in Mongu or Livingstone wud b a waste of tax payers money. Thank God the hare-brained plans by Sata fail thru. The place crying for international stadium is NorthWestern, Solwezi in particular; there is abundant talent. Michael Mwape stadium would b befitting. He paid with his life in a quest to ensure that our Nation team stayed focussed to qualify for our first world cup. Not Kalu, his reputation is tainted with unresolved issues. Let him clear his name!

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