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Blog: Paul Katema – U20, a fair level to judge him

By Sly (ZamFoot Blogger)

A lot has been said about Red Arrows combative midfielder Paul Katema who was capped at senior level before he featured for the U23 at the CAF U23 Africa Cup of Nations with some comments suggesting he is a useless player – a thing that I didn’t want to admit, even now I do not agree to that.

From the time I saw him in league action I could see that in this youngstar Zambia could reap something different.

Perhaps If I could use another player to rate or grade him I would mention the likes of Keita, the former Mali and Barcelona midfielder.

Well, the only problem could have been the fact that he was hurried into representing Zambia at senior national level.

This did not go well with most of the fans because they thought there were better players to play his role in the Chipolopolo.

However, with the coach/coaches it was different. Their eyes definitely saw something different.

The 18 year old has played for Zambia in the World Cup qualifiers, AfCON qualifiers, CAF U23 finals, CHAN tournament and recently at the Cosafa tournament where he contributed a goal

The 18 year old has played for Zambia in the World Cup qualifiers, AfCON qualifiers, CAF U23 finals, CHAN tournament and recently at the Cosafa tournament where he contributed a goal

The future of the chipolopolo is what they possibly saw – I can’t express it in definite terms because it is an opinion.

It is within that context that I have always reserved my comments for the inclusion of Katema in the Chipolopolo.

This time around the platform to judge the boy will be fair. He will be playing against his peer.

It is only now that you can properly analyze him with a layman’s football eye.

In my view the boy is a good player. He only needs to be worked on a little bit. If I were to mention one area of work in his skills I would hastily mention control of the ball.

He wants to do it a little bit not closer but the opposite would do.

This aside, Zambia could see another player who is European bound.

ZamFoot Crew Note: Katema has climbed the tree from the top – his first national team appearance was for the senior Chipolopolo, then U23 and he will be a key player in the U20 team that will play at 2017 tournament.

The young energetic midfielder is a workaholic was been played as a box-to-box midfielder and has mainly been deployed at the senior level to add steel to the midfield owing to his ability to put an extra shift going up and down the midfield.

9 Comments to Blog: Paul Katema – U20, a fair level to judge him

  1. Wasp says:

    Useless analysis, useless player!

  2. Ngake says:

    Sly thanks for the assessment presented, unfortunately your assessment seems to disappear before it starts. You have mentioned he has average / poor ball control, but what are his good qualities? what is his natural ability? Have you watched him take control of a game in the local league? is he is consistent performer in the local league? who can he be compared to locally? Personnaly i think the reason he gets a lot of criticism is that there is no way at senior national team level (especially in a critical deciding game to take us to Afcon) this boy should be played when we have Isaac Chansa and Given Singuluma available to play in the hole. Both these guys have capacity to score goals and also have top level experience. Makes no sense to any sensible Zambian soccer fan.

  3. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    Cost us AFCON 2017 qualification & still a useless player to me no matter how u ‘window dress’ him.

  4. DONALD TRUMP says:

    40 min Zesco 2 asec 0

  5. Indeed he cost,But let us see how performs at this level

  6. sly says:

    Well, others may be quick to say he cost us a place at AFCON 2017. I still do not admit.That is the analysis of a layman.A team selection is made by coaches and not by a single player. The game is played by a team of eleven players and again that is not by a single player. The duration of the game is 90 minutes of which if anything is not working to plan changes can be made. I guess all these are not exclusively a responsibility for Katema. Be fair.

  7. sly says:

    @Ngake. Oh yes I get your point regarding his selection ahead of experienced players.However, It is quite wrong for fans to think he cost Zambia a place at Afcon 2017.My points to back up my argument are as follows:1.Zambia has a team responsible for selecting players to the national team.
    2.Zambia has a systematic selection procedure
    3. The player in question went through the selection process
    4.It is only fair to say he earned his place in the team that represented Zambia.

    About his prowess I guess likening him to Keita did a lot in giving readers a picture of the type of player he is.He is definitely a good player considering his work rate – he covers quite a lot of ground in 90minutes in defense, midfield and attack, ball distribution – his rate of ball distribution is high and even considering distribution of team mates on the field, he does not delay passing the ball in most cases and he is an attacking player – always heavily involved in helping stickers to deliver a wave of attack, likes shooting from range.
    Comparing him with other players in the league would prove a bit difficult unless they are specified. As for Isaac, I will once again mention two foosball term, ‘coaches’ eye and Layman’s eye’. These two will always bring about differences between the technical team and the fans. Fans are concerned with winning games while coaches look at winning and winning in future. A fan believes in tried and tested while a coach compares them to the upcoming talent. When the likes of Isaac and Katongo took over Zambia had experienced personnel. It is is simply not their time.This is the time to build ‘another’team. It happened to Bakala, Milanzi,etc

    Should he blamed for representing Zambia?

  8. DISCIPLINE says:

    I think yes Mr sly your very useless player should be blamed for representing Zambia God knows how he finds himself in the squad

  9. Positive thinking says:

    What kind of half hearted analysis is this. This guy writes about he supports Katema and compares him to Keita who just happens to have been one of the best midfielders this continent has ever produced. This has to be a joke.

    There is no rationale, there is no argument, or even evidence presented to support his claim. Why publish it? Feel like I just wasted my time reading this.

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