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Blog: Who has been the best Zambian striker?

Collins ‘Ntonfontonfo Mbesuma announced his arrival on the international stage with a debut goal against Mozambique, then there was that hatrick against Congo in Pointe Noire.

Talk of international hatricks, Given ‘Freedom’ Singuluma earned himself legendary status with the first ever hatrick at the inaugural CHAN tourney in 2009. Singuluma finished the tournament with 5 goals.

Not done with hatricks, who would forget the Chris ‘Tsunami’ Katongo one which silenced the outspoken Bafana Bafana fans and left then South Africa’s Brazilian born Coach Pereira hopeless in 2008.

CK11 was not done as he led Zambia to AFCON glory in 2012 and finished the tournament on level with three goals with Didier Drogba and Emmanuel ‘Yuk24’ Mayuka.

‘That Boy’ Mayuka was handed the Golden Boot thanks for providing an assist.


Talk about the twin tower striker force then AFCON 2010 is a perfect reference point as the combination of James ‘Djemba’ Chamanga and Jacob Mulenga surprised many after they helped Zambia to a first quarter final berth in 14 years.

In this group of hitmens, Chamanga is the only striker with a record of having scored at four major tournaments.

Winston ‘Kwimba’ Kalengo,Jacob and Singuluma were not part of the 2012 AFCON winning side.


After a dismissal performance at the 2015 AFCON, KalenGoal gave many Chipolopolo faithful hope as he was unstoppable in front of goal.

His combination with the rejuvenated Collins ‘King David’ Mbesuma drew comparison with the twin tower and Yuka24-CK11 one.

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  1. Manfree says:

    Zambia will be back to were it belongs very soon, watch it out.

    • Justice Lukanga Kafusha says:

      There is something terrible wrong with Zambian football. The quality of players being groomed does not meet the required international standards. After winning AFCON 2012 we had expected more players in Europe, but look at what happened. Completely crap. I foresee this problem hanging on for some years to come

      Just do not understand why this is so

  2. Positive thinking says:

    Are we limited to just the players mentioned in the article?

    If not, I will go with Dennis Lota who was by far one of my favourite strikers to watch play the game. I remember first seeing him in the Simba 4 nations tournament against South Africa when he scored 2 amazing goals in 1995 and then later in 1996 AFCON he lit up the spotlight in what was arguably Zambias best AFCON team I had ever watched.

    In second place has to be Collins Mbesuma. I recall watching him come on as a sub during the COSAFA cup under George Mungwa and scoring a goal against Mozambique. He was listed as a left winger from Roan United at the time and then he moved to Kaiser Chiefs some time later where he would destroy teams on a weekly basis.

    These two players were something to behold. Zambia moved from having a hard time finding a true number 9 because we went through quite a few after the Gabon disaster that never panned out; Zeddy Saileti (the Nkana goal king never really flourished at national level), Wedson Nyirenda (never lived up to the occasion), Paul Chellah (Had his moments), Rotson Kilambe (challenged Mbesuma, but not quite the guy), Songwe Chalwe, Chaswe Nsofwa (passed away before realizing his full potential). These two guys Mbesuma and Lota stood head and shoulders above these guys.

    Mayuka would have been the one, but his fall is hard to watch. I just hope he can rediscover himself again.

  3. Positive thinking says:

    @Zamfoot. AFCON starts tomorrow. How come no discussion or articles about it? I know we didn’t qualify, but it would still be cool to discuss.

  4. sly says:

    @ Positive Thinking. You are right my man. Lota is the king ( Posthumously).
    On another note, can Zamfoot lead us into discussing the chances Zambia have if any, to come out tops in that group for the Afcon 2019. Above all we ought to sensitize those previleged with preparing the team on the disadvantages of being in a relatively not so strong group.

  5. As for me I will go with christopher katongo I remember him at club in 2003 at green buffoloes in the. Caf confederation cup when he scored 4 goals in one game and the record that he left in south Africa when he left the south african league on the middle of the season in 2006 but went on to win the golden boot the impact that he made in Danish league with brondby he then went to Germany were he played for amenia bielefied he also made an impact there he also played in Greece and china at internation level I remember the sweet hatrik against south africa he als scored some crucial goals for zambia chris katongo is one player who has made the impact at both club and country

  6. GSK11 says:

    Mbesuma. He was really slim in this picure ..was it from under -20 days?

  7. Adebayo says:

    I will go for Denis chasa mpama lota

  8. Amandla says:

    I’ll go for Kelvin Mutale! Strong, could use both legs and his head too (both to score and think!) He was very dangerous and imposing! Sadly, his game was short-lived! Off course there are several other players but as a Nkana supporter I may be biased here, so please you should understand! Godfrey Chitalu was great! He bull-dozed himself through any defence and scored goals! Bernard Chanda was the hero of Scrivener Stadium good with both feet and head too! He too was dangerous and was no fluke! Yes @Positive Thinking, the 1996 team was very mature and physically fit a team. You hardly, witnesses a “passenger” in the team who you felt unease about when they touched the ball. Kenneth Malitoli impressed me so much in the tournament and he had only been exposed so late to the outside world and no wonder he had to go to Tunisia and Mordon Malitoli to Tanzania because that team was great! Where is Vincent Mutale? His goal against Egypt was clinical! Was he related to the former Zambian goalkeeper from Ndola, Vincent Mutale?

  9. general says:

    Alex zoom chola was the best striker ever for Zambia by far.

  10. general says:

    Sorry its yuka chitalu seconded by alex chola

  11. Mwebantu says:

    Bernard “Bomber” Chanda was my best and followed by Kelvin Mutale!

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