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Aggrey Chiyangi: It was 50/50 against Sudan but we failed to score

Chipolopolo Assistant Coach Aggrey Chiyangi says his team did not play as expected in the quarter final game against Sudan that saw Zambia booted out by Sudan after losing 1 – 0.

Speaking after the seeing his side fail to register a goal for the first time at the tournament, Chiyangi said his team failed in their mission to reach go beyond the quarter finals despite the game being an equal affair between the two sides.

“We have given up and will be looking forward to the next match. It was 50-50 but we failed in certain aspects and did not play the way we expected,” the former Chipolopolo defender said.

“It was a tough game. We have lost and the one thing we didn’t do was to score. We created many chances but failed to make them count. Playing against Sudan, a team that plays together was going to be difficult. The good thing was that we created chances.”

“Our mission was to go beyond the quarters and we have failed to achieve that,” he added.

Sudan Coach Zdravko Logarusic said he expected Zambia to worn down with fatigue after playing the same team in three games.

“It was a difficult game for us. We knew Zambia had quality. I have been in charge for only five weeks, and with piece of luck and some good, we won. Zambia created chances and were just unlucky. The first thing was to put the ball at the back of the net and we succeeded in doing that. Football can be cruel; sometimes you deserve to win, but end up losing. Other times, you deserve to lose, but end up winning.”

“Zambia played three games and I knew it will be difficult for them to keep the rhythm. Also, fatigue set into their play.”

“The key thing was that I told the players to put the ball on the ground. That is I why we put extra midfielder just to hold the ball, and allow the ball to do the running.”

“We knew they were slow at the back and had to wait for the lucky punch.”

Sudan will play the winner between Nigeria and Angola in the semi final.


16 Comments to Aggrey Chiyangi: It was 50/50 against Sudan but we failed to score

  1. Leo says:

    Iwe ka chiyangi do you understand what 50/50 means
    If the game was 50/50 we should have drawn the match
    Fact is kalu said no Zambian coach is ready to coach Zambia true
    Fact is
    If there’s no money for an expatriate
    Let chambeshi take over
    Wada is arrogant if FAZ keeps him kiss goodbye to afcon
    Ati ba Moses sichone ni ba technical director the chap couldn’t even offer technical support


      This is the kind of shallowness I do not like in most Zambian supporters as even from afar people exhibit a lack of brains, only empty tins insult but wise minds criticize logically! Please Leo – we Nkalamu ya mucila – if your brain lacks neurons do not contribute on this blog you are the same people who almost destroyed P Daka, leave people with a dream and plan for Zambian soccer alone! Where have you seen a team built in one year. The thing is most of you bloggers are dull and clueless.

      • Leo says:

        Iwe truth I never insulted no one on my comment I just stated the facts that was exhibited by Wada and the team he selected
        If you are saying we give Wada support what kind of support does he need?
        He claims to be the father of the team what kind of a father who throws a child because that child is throwing tantrums?
        I we truth or lies whatever your name is
        How do you celebrate mediocrity at the expense of good deserving players
        If never watched a single game I forgive you but if you then you will agree with me that the performance of this Chan team in Morocco was pathetic to say the least
        If you were following my comments on the day that zed won against Uganda and Ivory coast
        I said and I quote
        It’s either Zambia has improved or these two teams are weak let’s wait for organised team and lo n behold Namibia exposed Wada’s incompetence
        So ba truth don’t support blindly like PK Chishala “bushe nachilila” when the room is empty

        • TRUTH - SELENIKO TWIKALE says:

          Leo if you watched the game, by the way I watched all the games, Sudan was not very organised but our players were also to blame as they did not show character and anger maybe they were not paid some allowances. You heard the commentator’s remarks. Actually I agree with you Namibia I can say was the most organised in group B. The most problem is that we had a lot of old players who were out matched mostly with pace.
          Mwengani to me was pathetic I could not believe my eyes especially with his reflexes as that Sudanese front line was not lethal or very quick maybe he was afraid of the crowd.
          My point is players also should take responsibility as Klopp mostly would point out you can not heap all the blame on the Coach – I know Wada was also to blame.


    The thing is you are all angry and burning with wrath please calm down folks the loss is painful but it is not the end of the road. For me I would state frankly that Wada is not bad all he needs is support from both Fans and FAZ. Whilst I agree that there were very talented players like Fwayo, CCC etc who were left behind, the thing is some players lack consistence and discipline. Our National Team need to be built around players with strong personalities, morals and skills, players who can follow the Coach’s instructions this is what made the U20 successful.
    In as much as we might think the omitted players like CCC are pivotal to our success they also are very detrimental in a long run as their behaviours cleaves as a cancer to the young players so the time to change the mentality is now its better to mourn now whilst breading a myriad of mentors than celebrate with a bunch of disciplined rascals.
    Our Players mindsets towards winning and patriotism as a whole should change! what am I saying; if a player becomes an icon He/She ceases to be their own their glory is public and shared for example if AKM scored a brace and Chipolopolo won yesterday the Glory was going to be for Zambians the same if He was signed by an European big Club his prowess would be shared by Zambians and the whole Africa. This principal, Kalaba, does not understand! I may say that maybe only Chris Katongo understood it. Wada I feel understands this principal also, it takes time to enshrine this principal into Players and I am happy to state that P Daka understands fully this principal as you could hear it from his statement when He won the award of the Young African Player of the Year, the boy is wise no wonder He survived the insults from the “fire cracker” bloggers on this site.

  3. Tony mash says:

    Truth you are misguided element masqurading as a soccer analyst. All what you said its nonsense.


      Are you not one of the bloggers who apologized after you had insulted P Daka the it turned out that the was indeed a talent. The problem is that most of you have not even kicked a soccer ball and from what I can see you are a millennial, I know most millennials think with their thumbs.
      For me I knew that the Chipos would not go past the quarter finals because I started watching soccer in the 1970s and I played it a lot, I used to play no.2 in defense so I know what happened to Mwengani; Pressure! the quarter final comes with pressure! believe you me during training the boy impressed but he could not cop with the pressure!
      So think, use your neurons before you thumb!

  4. HardBullZ says:

    Truth is that Wada let us down. The coach for Sudan has just confirmed what we said earlier before Zambia played Namibia. Just like Chambeshi failed us at the World Cup in Korea, it was the same with Wada – thus failure to manage a team. The Sudan Coach says he knew Zambian players were fatigued after playing 3 games, and that’s very true because we advised Wada to play a different team against Namibia so that the first eleven are protected and to also motivate the other players he carried – prepare them for any eventuality. There was no need to play the same team in 4 games, we should have used a different team against Namibia and would have won. Secondly, our defence is slow and aged although experienced . Our front line couldn’t shoot, Nigeria just did what we failed yesterday.


      HardBullZ I agree with you this is what I call logical criticism! You have raised two important points;
      1. He did not rest some important players as this team had the capability of beating even morocco as the Moroccan coach did not want to play Zambia in the quarter finals.
      2. Most of our players are too old as soccer now is a combination of pace and skill.
      3. There is one thing that is up sent in most of our Chipos team aggression and hunger for victory like what Bafana Bafana has! The Chipos must be given a vaccine for this third point believe you me they will qualify for the world cup with ease. Our Boys give up so easily you can even see it in their body language I wish all the U20 Boys were promoted to the senior team, those boys had it!

    • Mtonga says:

      Nigeria is a different class entirely. Don’t even mention them.

  5. GSK11 says:

    Suda(m)n have clown called Akram in goal.
    If we had scored the chap’s buffoonery could have landed him a spot in a Disney cartoon and an Oscar.
    Not only that, his verbal barrage could have led to a diagnosis of rabies.
    Its a pity we lost.

  6. Dewenga says:

    LEO you are spot on my Friend. WADA WADA lipulanga period!!!!

  7. Bsimms says:

    When was it ever 50 / 50?

    Those guys stuck to their game plan & out played us.

    The coaches and players should just shut up.

    Please FAZ fire this Wedson Nyirenda & his Assistant coach. They are both clue less.

  8. Bennny says:

    The player had capability 2 beat Sudan only problem was that they were too slow at the start l think it was fatigue as Sudan coach mentioned it earlier, this is were Wada made big mistake but l know he did not trust other players he carried and did not want an early elimination,Mwangeni needs exposure to many games this is what happened to other players such as Toaster Nsabata when chipolopolo played against Japan in an international friendly but now he is better than spider boy.Those who are still complain about insulting Daka are wrong.Daka worked hard to find his form after being critised as he himself said criticism helped him 2 improve Wada also need 2 be critised so that he try 2 work on his weakness. I think Best on chambeshi is the next option if FAZ throw Wada.

  9. shoots from there!! says:

    That will and hunger to win which was exhibited by the u20 boys is not present in this team. The U20 have more leaders on the pitch than this team. I think we should promote the whole lot of the squad.

  10. Bsimms says:

    Promote U.20 together with their coaching staff. Wedson should be no where near this team!

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