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FIFA U20 World Cup: African Champions Zambia march on to quarter finals

Zambia come from behind to beat Germany 4 – 3 in round of 16 thriller

African Champions marched on to the quarter finals of the on-going FIFA U20 World Cup when they out-scored European representatives German 4 – 3 in a nervy match.

Zambia came from behind to cancel out a Germany 37th minute goal with stunning goals from Emmanuel Banda, Fashion Sakala, Enock Mwepu and an extra time winner by Shemmy Mayembe.

Coach Beston Chambeshi who keeps making changes to his starting eleven for each game today made a surprise inclusion of Siame Musonda who has played as a substitute in the two three previous games.

Zambia were in control of the game from the start but it was the Germans who seemed more purposeful when they went forward with Zambia struggling to put the ball in the box or testing the keeper.

The break through came in the 37th minute when skipper Solomon Sakala conceded a free kick just outside the penalty area.

P Ochs stepped up to take an unstoppable set piece which beat Mangani Banda in the Zambia goal at the near angle coming off the crossbar.

Chambeshi restored what seems to be his best XI when he introduced Edward Chilufya at half time for Siame and it was all guns blazing at the young Chipolopolo pushed forward for an equalizer.

They didn’t have to wait long Enock Mwepu trying to finish with a spectacular over-head kick failed to make full contact with an Edward Chilufya cross from the right but the ball deflected off his foot to fall kindly for Emmanuel Banda who smashed it home in the 50th minute.

It was the “King of assists” Mwepu again who picked Fashion Sakala on the right in the 68th minute and the Spartak Moscow attacker wasted no time in aiming for the goal as he unleashed a belter from the right side of the box to beat the Brodersen in the Germany goal from an impossible angle.

With time running out for coach Streichsbier the Germans poured forward in numbers leaving a lot of holes which Zambia finally exploited in the 85th minute when Patson Daka led a 3 v 2 counter attack and he laid the ball in the path of Mwepu who calmly finished from close range.

An 89th minute attack on the left saw Bader send in a cross that Serdar reacted to first to beat Mangani with a defty touch at the near post for what seemed to only be a consolation.

But the European representatives had another twist to the tale as they pulled another go with barely 5 seconds of injury time to play.

But it was Chambeshi’s boys who were stronger in Extra Time as they managed another goal from a rare when source when Mayembe finished off a lay off from substitute Conlyde Luchanga.

Zambia will now await the winner between France and Italy for the quarter final match to be played on Monday at 1000hrs.



Mangani Banda (1), Moses Nyondo (2), Prosper Chiluya (3), Shemmy Mayembe (13), Solomon Sakala (5) (C), Boyd Musonda (21), Musonda Siame (Edward Chilufya), Enock Mwepu (11), Emmanuel Banda (Boston Muchindu), Fashion Sakala (Coonlyde Luchanga), Patson Daka (20)

(1)Brodersen (GK), (2) Neumann, (3) Schad, (5) Gimber (C), (6) Fechner, (8) Serdar , (9) Reese, (10) Ochs, (13) Bader, (14) Touunarigha, (17) Iyoha

70 Comments to FIFA U20 World Cup: African Champions Zambia march on to quarter finals

  1. Billy says:

    I almost collapsed due to a high blood pressure. Well done boys but please work on the defence. The boys were struggling to defense with the tall Germany defenders tormenting them with high balls. But I think this game was ours. One good thing is that we can score goals at least. At the end of the day we match on the quarters, and at this moment we have meet anyone.

    • Logic says:

      I’m with you, I think my BP is still sky high, what a performance. The senior team can learn a thing or two from these lads


    These are true Champions….. Well done mwebana We Love you!

  3. Chize says:

    Well done boys.Lets go ZAMBIA!

  4. Jack NKHOMA says:


  5. Vinkubala says:

    The African champions should have finished off the German machine in 90 minutes but due to complacency and excitement the Merc scored 2 goals which led to extra time. So I’ve just phoned my wife to prepare nshima and vinkubala for supper.

  6. Vinkubala says:

    The coach should talk to the players and teach them on how to wind down the clock when we are leading with few minutes to go. Simple-keep possession and defend as a unit.

  7. Asamoah says:

    South Africa should borrow a leave from Zambia. Kudus! Young Chipolopolos representing southern Africa and Africa at large.

  8. We have restored the team which was lost in 1993 also a 4-1 revenge in the 1988 olimpics.

    This is too much ba Zambia Bweshenimo!!!!

  9. C2 says:

    Go Zambia Goooo!
    This is the final which Zambia has played
    Who is Germany to play with the Copper bullets,maaaaaaa hee!

  10. Chimpombwa says:

    An epic tussle worthy of two testesterone loaded bulls, females cheering on. Winner takes it all, loser walks away with respect…but not of the females. Red the color, blinding the light, deafening the noise! What a game! What a time to be alive!

  11. NORAD says:


  12. Vinkubala says:

    We are now waiting for France or Italy.

  13. Don says:

    Well done guys, well done. I was nail bitting throughout the match as action swung from end to end.

  14. soccerguru says:

    Supersport must discipline that commentator. …really useless goat….He kept talking about how Zambia is a place of poverty and HIV. ….Instead focusing on football. …really stupid chap


      I felt like squashing him into a pot (inongo) and put him on the African wood – fire (Umulilo wankuni) without Clothes (ifyakufwala), mumunkoyo wa seven days! Makasa uyu bushe alishiba eko twafuma nefyo twikala.

    • Kay Hummer says:

      I remember one commentator at the 2007 Under 20 world cup kept me making such similar sickening comments and had to be reprimanded!

    • Prince says:

      Surely the must be channels one can complain too?!

  15. Kasama Boy says:

    I know everybody reads this Blog. So congratulations to Zambia. You Young Boys make us very proud as we feel ‘Extremely Zambian”
    However, what was lacking in the Team were Game Flow Disrupting Starategies and Techniques from both the coach and his players. Only Mangani tried a little bit.

    In the 1982 and 1986 world Cups, Germany had to come from 2-0 behind to fire in 2 quick corners through their super sub, one Karl Heinz Rummenege. In the 1986 World Cup, it had to take Bruchagga’s individual effort to give the Maradona Captained Argentina, a 3-2 lead.

    The Coach, Beston Chambeshi, I know you read this. You don’t allow your players to play a free flowing game against any Germany side when you are leading and time is running out. So when we led 3-1, you should have employed this strategy. Lined up 3 substitutions, when the game went to 3-2, and we were moving into the 90+ time. The three substitutions should have been called to go in at the same time. Reason: they would have eaten up time: at least almost 2 minutes as each player was walking out and another one, in; out and in; out and in. By the time all the three went in, it would have been time to end the game.
    To the players, you also read this blog, Congratulations to you. Next time turn this strategy on. When you are leading 3-1, and approaching the end of such a crucial game, don’t all retreat when an opposing goal keeper get the ball. Stand in front of him and disturb him enough, but not enough to ire the ref. Take turns doing this. Patson nga ayamba, Fashion nao next time, then Luchanga, then a midfielder. especially those players with no yellow cards. When you take the ball to a corner, at least three players surround it and block any defenders from coming behind it. shield it and block it, you eat time that way. Any throw ins, be they yours or not you run to the ball and throw it to your friend. the ref will call it back and point in another direction. then ama injuries, kulalalafye. you are leading a superpower by an embarrassing 3-1 don’t let them have a free flowing game.
    Epo mpeleleUshumfwa pa tunono pafingi ni worse.
    In fact Germany players started using delaying tactics in extra time, they were hoping for a penalty shootout, and any Germany player is usually excellent at those ones and at free kicks. They only changed when they fell to a Shemmy Mayembe winner.
    Again, Mwasalipeni. Imbula ndume nandi njifyalile, Chelemani lelo nga achitu koma.
    Zambia doesn’t talk too much; Who is the next victim please?

  16. KWAME NKRUMAH says:




  17. Prince says:

    Next game…African Champions verses European Champions

  18. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    e Zambia twaishiba iyi from 2-0 down to won 4-2,from 1-0 down to won 4-3,what a team tishinka ni dream team,let’s go Chipolopolo let’s go

  19. Don says:

    Well done guys , German Kaput.

  20. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    let’s go Chipolopolo let’s go

  21. Kay Hummer says:

    I have said this before and i will say it again on this forum that this is the BEST under 20 team that we have ever assembled in more than 50 years! They should shock the entire world and lift this trophy. They just need to sort out their defense. that is all!

  22. Sikota says:

    its good that our team is able to score alot of goals but our defense is very poor at times. if we meet a team that is able to defend properly and they score first then it becomes a problem(e.g the costa rica game). Beston Chambeshi could have prevented that 3rd equaliser for germany by at least making subs to run down the clock as well as the rhythm of the germans but instead he kept on watching the germans putting pressure.

  23. MuZedian says:

    Zambia awaits the winner between FRANCE vs ITALY

  24. soccerguru says:

    The captain is the biggest culprit. ….Our defence looked more organised in the Costa Rica game when he was suspended…despite us losing that game

  25. KK11 says:

    Why does this coach keep changing the lineup?!! Can someone talk to him? Stick with the team that won the African cup!! These kids are winning based on pure will and skill, Beston keeps putting them in bad postitions with his starting lineups. SMDH. Boyd Musonda is useless, can someone take his place?

  26. Iyeeeeeeeeeeee chipolopolo.
    hope the senior team is watching.

  27. C.j says:

    Wait a minute. In as much as we are allowed to criticise, i think there is Too much critism on the defence.let’s first analyse the game. Was it the system? At wat point were we scored, is wen we defended in numbers? If so did that defensive approach for us? Do Germans, Portugal, Iran,Mali have poor defences? How many scoring opportunities did we have to have hurried the Germans had it not bn for poor judgement/misplaced passes by our front liners? How abt the technical bench? Guys, can we be a little bit more objective in our analysis. Game on.

  28. C.j says:

    Wait a minute. In as much as we are allowed to criticise, i think there is Too much critism on the defence.let’s first analyse the game. Was it the system? At wat point were we scored, is wen we defended in numbers? If so did that defensive approach for us? Do Germans, Portugal, Iran,Mali have poor defences? How many scoring opportunities did we have to have hurried the Germans had it not bn for poor judgement/misplaced passes by our front liners? How abt the technical bench? Guys, can we be a little bit more objective in our analysis. Game on.

  29. Kasama Boy says:

    We are matching on, Unstoppably.

  30. C.j says:

    I meant to say did defending in numbers worked for us?

  31. sly says:

    Like I once said ,this team is good. However, they tend to become excited before the last whistle. Zambia had enough chances before the 90 min mark to kill off the game. There were three to four chances that came after the three goals before ninety minutes. Mwepu,Daka, Fashion could certainly have made a difference within ninety minutes.

    Lastly, I thank Pastor Makembo and crew for having responded positively to my request. That famous song was echoed over and over when Zambia stuck in the third goal. Thank you pastor.

  32. ba Phirie says:

    Welldone Young Chipolopolo, this is indeed the dream team though Body Musonda really had a poor game. The coach seriously look at Ngosa Sunzu or convert Boston Muchindu into a defensive midfielder.

  33. kamwa says:

    According to FIFA, after this Game, Zambia tops as the Best Attacking Team in the Korea U20 World Cup
    10 Goals scored
    18 Shots blocked
    13 Shots saved
    37 Attempts Off-Target

  34. Sibs says:

    @Soccer Guru. The commentators are not from Super Sport. These guys are British and they working for Sky Sports or something. No African would speak silly and disrespect another African like that. You Know RSA has more HIV problems than us. These commentators are from England and the think they better than black people. Overzealous stupid comments sometimes. As a commentator its better to stick to soccer issues.

    They should be a way to lodge a complaint concerning this. I was happy the way the Ref handle the game. FAIR.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      I agree, I heard the same f00l talk that nonsense on fox sports 2. And yes they are Brittons. Very useless, he talks of poverty while forgetting that his ancestors came as fake missionaries like David Livingstone and looted all our resources back in the days.

  35. Sibs says:

    @C.J Criticism of our defense is in order. We not doing well especially Central Defence most our goals are leaked in the middle. Solomon Sakal i will repeat needs to time his tackles. His one one marking is a bit suspect at times. Though he shows leadership by commanding the boys when chips are down. But he should lead by example also when playing his partner at C.Defence is equally suspect at times.

  36. Sibs says:

    Having said all that above. Congratulations to the Boys and Coaching staff. What an attacking team we have. Patson Daka though he did not score was a constant threat. Pace, positioning and his run kept that German defense busy. That boy is going BIG places!

  37. Tc Soccerman says:

    What bothers me is how this coach keep trying to find a winning team when there is already one that was all the games. We have not really played that sexy football we saw in Zambia because Chambeshi for some unexplained reason, he keeps tweaking the team especially in the attacking midfield. He last time he benched Emmanuel Banda and Mwepu was forced to work extra hard and not many good balls were being distributed to Fashion Sakala, We always need Emmmanuel Banda to feed those strikers with his deadly left foot. Left foot midfield are a nightmare to play against. Then today for yet some st$pid strategy, he benches Edward Chilufya and plays Siame who was nonexistance in the whole first half..The whole first half I was scratching my heard in disbelief. If he continues to do the crazy stuff, he will cost us a game and it is getting tougher and tougher now, feed the offense, at this time scoring many goals is our best defense as our defenders are suspect with an exception of my Boy “John Soko” Prosper Chiluya. That Boy is solid.

  38. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    chatine ni dream team,#team Chipolopolo

  39. Justin says:

    This Musonda boy is useless.

  40. Zambian Buffalo says:

    Just witnessing how our eyes are fixed on the Gold medal, France will be a casualty, we have to meet England they have to be on the list that lost to Zambia. Congrats boys.

  41. Mwebantu says:

    @soccerguru, the way you are feeling now about South Africa that is what I was feeling when you couldn’t focus on the game and you started attacking Coach Beston for nothing! How is that working out for you? Well done Zambia! Never say die! God be with you boys!

  42. Amandla says:

    Ba Zambia, iyeee! Ba Zambia, Chipolopolo!

  43. Amandla says:

    Good point Kasama Boy!

  44. Amandla says:

    Guys, these guys are amazing! I haven’t seen this kind of play since the Nkana Red Devils era and the Zambia of Alex Chola, Jack Chanda, Jericho Shinde, Kapambwe Mulenga, etc! Go boys, go! We can do it! If Malawi did it, we can “did” it also!

    • KWAME NKRUMAH says:



  45. And we have did it again.

  46. J.S says:

    A win is a win. At this stage, anything can happen. Obviously it was a learning curve for both players and technical bench. I mean no Zambian team has ever gone this far in a FIFA competition. So massive respect and thanks to the entire team and coaches.

  47. GSK11 says:

    What a match! At 3-1 and when the Germans used all their substitutes it was clear they had no clue. With I think 14 seconds to go it was still 3-2.. then they score….! I was sure the momentum would b with the Germans and fatigue would be the end of us.. not only that the Germans have a proud tradition of excellent conversion of penalties ( just ask England and all the BBC and sky sports commentators – agree with Sibs ) and I thought that would be the end.
    I thought that physically after such fast counterattacks the legs would be gone…
    but what a comeback! These boys are something else – they never looked like they panicked…
    They passed two crucial tests- the physical one and the mental one – mentally they always looked at ease. But to win in extra time from open play..,. that was special surely one on the great comeback against the mighty Germans no less – who themselves have been masters of resurrection!
    Congratulations to the boys – the Germans played well their first two goals were absolute crackers!
    sadly for them it is time for the usual platitudes: ” hard luck.. back to drawing board, good experience..” what what…
    Congratulations to Beston and the team. Surely now everyone will be scared of the BULLETS!!!!

  48. henry chileshe says:

    dununa reverse
    donchi kubeba wilalila ash

  49. Ngake says:

    Beston needs to reorganise according to the game. Boyd Musonda becomes a complete spectator at certain points in the game adding little value going forward or defending. Then in the last 5 minutes of the 90, the Germans were just hoofing the ball forward, they pitched that tall black guy in the middle of our half and he was knocking every high ball into the box. They then sent 4 to 5 attackers in the box for knock downs. Exact tactics we always saw with Stoke City (Allan Pardew days) firstly we could not stop the knockdowns that guy won every high ball, then secondly we did not flood the box with defensive minded players, we just kept playing the same way. I hate jumping on band wagons but the coach could have costed us the game yesterday.

  50. The Bullet says:

    Good game

  51. chipolopolo all the way it hits like a bullet

  52. Precious says:

    This was a ‘CLASSIC’ booting out Germany in the Under20 World cup Semis with a 4-3 Victory is Just History in the making for our Mother Zambia and Africa at Large. This was sweet Victory and something perfect to write home about. Keep on shining boys….Bring the World cup to Africa. Big Cyber hug to the Junior Chipolopolo Team, the copper bullets, our prayers are indeed with you. Lets Go Zambia Lets Go Ni Bola Na Lesa Imweeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Precious says:

    Sweet Victory for Mother Zambia and Africa at Large.

  54. Pungwa says:

    Good game and well done Zambia. The German comeback however exposes our technical deficiency when it comes to Zambian coaches. Play Chidunune in situations like that. Wind down the clock, drop all and only leave Patson upfront to harass them. Whatever you do DONT PLAY AN OPEN GAME ! 2. Keep shouting when you see the boys are losing concentration – we never learnt from Renard ??

  55. Asamoah says:

    Hello guys, please check this web address


    Is fashion Sakala truly overage? Why is this coming at a time the Zambian team is on a high?

  56. The Bullet says:

    Kay Hummer how are you ?

  57. Amandla says:

    A Thriller in Manila, Oh in Seoul!

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