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South Africa 3 – 2 Zambia (As it happened)

Fighton Simukonda has made two changes from the line which were defeated by Tunisia in the first game.

Armenia based winger Lubambo Musonda replaces injured Patrick Ngoma while Green Buffaloes’ Jack Chirwa has been dropped to the bench with Power Dynamos Billy Mutale starting at centre back.

Benson Sakala who gave a commanding display in central defence plays in midfield alongside Paul Katema.

The game kickoff at 17:00 hours and live on Supersport.

Zambia XI v RSA: 16. Toaster Nsabata (c)- 3. Benedict Chepeshi, 13. Kapota Kayawe, 18. Billy Mutale4. Boyd Mkandawire – 10. Spencer Sautu, 12. Benson Sakala, 15. Paul Katema, 11. Lubambo Musonda – 9. Ronald Kampamba -17. Conlyde Luchanga

1. Kenny Mumba (GK), 5. Solomon Sakala, 6. Friday Samu, 7. Salulani Phiri, 8. John Chingandu, 14. Jackson Chirwa, 19. Aubrey Chirwa, 20. Taonga Bwembya, 21. Tresford Lawrence Mulenga (GK)

171 Comments to South Africa 3 – 2 Zambia (As it happened)

  1. quicksilver says:

    The squad looks ok.Good to see sate sate in there.Go for a win boys!

  2. Danke! says:

    Exactly the way i predicted it!!!

  3. Seen from Afar says:

    Let us show our Determination through our Focus!

    Let’s go Zambia!

  4. Tembo 1 Chipolopolo Forever says:

    In U We Believe,go Zambia Go.Show Them That U Can Conquer.

  5. And if we lose again, that our assistant coach who was talking big should be castrated to teach our coaches a bitter lesson 4 talking too much and giving us false hope.

  6. sasa says:

    we are chipolopolo Go Zambia Goooooaal.


  8. idi amin al gaddafi says:

    South africa ll beat zambia today and of course south africa is the most talented team in this tournament!

    They look awesome on the ball and have some flowing flair!

    They ll carry the day because they look like the more organize of the two teams

  9. chifwa sc says:

    Chipolopolo we are chipolopolo we will be

  10. Idi amin gaddafi, where is ghana at the tornament?

  11. Prince says:

    Any links gentlemen…yalla isn’t happening today 🙁

  12. big pungu says:

    guys any link for some of us away from home that we can use?

  13. Fayo says:

    Any link to watch the game zamfoot?

  14. sade says:

    @idi amin al gaddaf when is ghana playing?????

  15. mwansa m says:

    Do us proud zambia we are behind u.its go zambia go.zed 2 south 0

  16. Prince says:

    Updates ba Zamfoot

  17. Manfred says:

    Zambian is winning 2 nill

  18. john says:

    Zambia is a waste of time they should not have lost Tunisia. We are not going anywhere

  19. chrispin luneta says:

    we chipolopolo, forever it shall be,will penetrate bafana bafana,da names speeck for damselves ,baice Ba SA

  20. john says:

    No local coach has the intellectual capacity to beat a top 10 African nation which is why zambia cannot come out of a group stage at any tournament or even go to the world cup. We need to hire an expatriate for the national team. The Ugandan coach is the man for the job.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      oh what happened to Krol, the guy you were singing about? Iwe John you are a muselelakwakaba, one day its krol, another day its Williamson, now its this serbian or wherever he’s from. eish.

  21. nkambakam says:

    Where Christopher Katongo in the line up

  22. Badosqi says:

    The u23 group stage from caf is a complete error.

    Caf grouped the best 3 to 4 teams in this tournament in group B and grouped 3 jobbers in group A.
    Caf shouldn’t have grouped Nigeria(former olympic gold and silver medalist), Mali (2015 fifa U 17 2nd place, 2015 fifa U20 third place) and egypt( with the most appearances in futball olympic) and Algeria in the same group. These 4 teams together with Senegal(came 4th at the 2015 fifa U20) are the best teams in this tournament.

    Group A should have been: Senegal, Mali, South Africa, Algeria

    Group B: Nigeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Zambia

  23. Prince says:

    Yalla comes to live gentlemen…http://www.yalla-shoot.com/live/7040/south-africa-vs-zambia.html

  24. Positive thinking says:

    Guys, wishing Zambia luck, but there is a serious problem with preparation mwe

  25. idi amin al gaddafi says:

    All african nationa esp teams like zambia etc that are developing needs SERBIAN COACHES!

    I have said it bf n repeating again that the serbian coaches though one dimensional with their tactics are tactically astute and highly discipline

    The Uganda serbian coach has a strong passion for the game n with a lil pus can become a great coach

  26. Badosqi says:

    4 teams I will love to see next year in Rio 2016.

    1: Mali: they’ve done pretty well at age grade competitions this year. They represented Africa well at both U17 and U20. Their U23 team is a mixture of their U17 and U20 team.

    2: Senegal: they are the host. Played well at the U20 world cup. A good team.

    3: Nigeria: who else if not Naija. Always delivering in age grade competitions and a former gold and silver medalist.

    4: Any other serious team from either Southern or Northern Africa.

    3 west africans and any other serious country.

    • idi amin al gaddafi says:

      None of the southern african nations ll qualify!

      Algeria, tunisia and egypt are not there? These three teams are dangerous

  27. Positive thinking says:

    Guys, wishing Zambia luck, but there is a serious problem with preparation mwe so we already set these guys up for failure more than success

  28. Noble Eagles says:

    Go Zambia we are qualifying after 27 years of absence

  29. F-15 says:

    zamfoot updates

  30. Noble Eagles says:

    Ama updates zoona, some of us we are not watching! we are working

  31. muleenga says:

    This is pathetic, whats wrong with these boys

  32. Badosqi says:

    S.A 0-0 Zam 25mins.

  33. muchofe says:

    ..a where is the midfield for zambia nw?

  34. Rascozy says:

    so far so good for the team SA

  35. el tageto says:

    ah..why are u guys posting arabic links…do u want to make people join IS…nxm

  36. muchofe says:

    dangerous free kick against zambia.

  37. Badosqi says:

    Follow the match on live score if you are not watching/streaming.


  38. Ghost says:

    updates atishani

  39. muchofe says:

    conlyde not perfoming at all

  40. el tageto says:


  41. muchofe says:

    zam 1-sa 0. luchanga

  42. Rascozy says:

    A goal for Zambia

  43. Mwebantu says:

    Good goal Luchanga Zambia 1-0 RSA

  44. Prince says:

    Lesa wamaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Bingoras nimbus says:

    Who has scored?

  46. Badosqi says:

    Goal zambia. 1-0

    game on

  47. muchofe says:

    it looks like luchangsa goal has put SA in their place. No more ukubutauka.

  48. chifwa sc says:

    The 17yr old lashinga

  49. Rascozy says:

    40Minutes Zambia 1 0 SA

  50. Bingoras nimbus says:

    Let go Zambia iyi feeling nimbama

  51. john says:

    Even if we beat south Africa we should have at least drawn with Tunisia. We messed up in the first game. We are failing to beat teams ranked in the top 10 in africa in particular Arab nations. In fact I can’t remember the last time zambia beat am Arab nation at any level.

  52. F-15 says:

    for live text updates follow this link. mtnfootball.com/news/589997/South-Africa-vs-Zambia-LIVE

  53. muchofe says:

    kapota marking dangerously.. and on a yellow card already.

  54. Sibs says:

    So far so good. But we need a cushion 2nd goal. The Coach shroud consider taking out Kayame on a yellow card.

  55. Bingoras nimbus says:

    Luchanga the 17yr boy !

  56. Rascozy says:

    HT ZAMBIA 1 SA 0

  57. Kay Hummer says:

    This is a winnable game. If we can’t beat South Africa then then we will never beat anyone at the tournament!

  58. john says:

    At the moment zambia cannot beat any Arab nation

  59. Kimaaty says:

    John, you virtually whin and complain about everything yet you hv no solution…..Honestly you suck…….!!!!

  60. Mwebantu says:


  61. Mwebantu says:

    @Kimaaty, he only does not suck but he’s crazy.

  62. Generalismo says:

    Sometimes l fail to understand John. He always wants to bring out the negatives. I feel he is a naysayer. Does he truly supports the Chipolopolo?

  63. john says:

    Losing to Tunisia was a grave mistake which is the fault of the technical bench!!! We are in a terrible situation now. These south African team will not survive against the Arabs!!! They will be butchered.

  64. Sibs says:

    Have to miss the second half going into a meeting. My fingers are crossed. Boys need to be more lethal pa goal.

  65. ZamFoot says:

    Goallll!!! Zambia 1 – 1 RSA

  66. john says:

    We are not going anywhere with this pathetic technical bench!!!!

  67. ZamFoot says:

    Zambia 1 – 0 RSA
    South Africa score after 2 minutes of restarting.
    Zambian defence all over with their clearances giving South Africa the chance to striker from close range in a congested area

  68. john says:

    These local coaches are a huge embarrassment!!!!

  69. Mwebantu says:

    46′ Zambia 1-1 RSA

  70. ZamFoot says:

    48′ Zambia 1 – 1 RSA
    Sub for Zambia: Friday Samu in Ronald Kampamba out

  71. Mwebantu says:

    48′ Kampamba out Samu in!

  72. ZamFoot says:

    50′ Zambia 1 – 1 RSA
    RSA defence caught but Samu fails to capitalize

  73. ZamFoot says:

    51′ Zambia 1 – 1 RSA
    Poor pass to Sautu is intercepted by RSA and they go on a counter attack and Zambia is saved by Kayawe as he clears for a corner

  74. ZamFoot says:

    52′ Zambia 1 – 2 RSA
    Corner to RSA and they score

  75. ZamFoot says:

    52′ Zambia 1 – 2 RSA
    Gift Motipa scores a second in five minutes as the Zambian defence is caught ball watching.
    C’mon boys

  76. Mwebantu says:

    51′ Zambia 1-2 RSA header. These guys are just so raw.

  77. john says:

    I repeat and will always repeat our coaches are dull we are not going anywhere!!! Faz headed by kalu is a disgrace!!! Now you call me negative yet is clear and obvious the team selection is pathetic are these really the best under 23 we have??? Of course not f000ls selected these.

  78. ZamFoot says:

    Hatrick Motipa
    Zambia 1 – 3 RSA

  79. Badosqi says:

    S.A 2-1 zamb

  80. Badosqi says:

    S.A 3-1 Zamb.

  81. Mwebantu says:

    53′ Zambia 1-3 RSA

  82. Badosqi says:

    3 goals within 6 minutes. What a turnaround.

  83. ZamFoot says:

    Zambia 1 – 3 RSA
    The boys are crumbling

  84. Don says:

    Why didn’t we leave Ivory Coast to proceed,… These guys are disgracing us!

  85. el tageto says:

    someone remind me how we qualified …where we give “free points”

  86. ZamFoot says:

    57′ Zambia 1 – 3 RSA
    RSA having the upper hand in lay as well

  87. john says:

    Lwandimina is a big f00l together with kalu. We have said constantly that those full backs are useless alas now we are exposed at continental level I rest my case. Zambia cannot continue with the current faz and useless coaches I rest my case.

  88. Generalismo says:


  89. ZamFoot says:

    59′ Zambia 1 – 3 RSA
    Samu run is checked just outside the box.
    SA player goes down and needing attention.

  90. john says:

    You f00ls who are saying I’m negative I knew we are not going anywhere. Couldn’t you see the dullness of our technical bench against Tunisia

  91. ZamFoot says:

    60′ Zambia 1 – 3 RSA
    Zambia Sub: Salulani Phiri in for Kapota Kayawe
    Benson Sakala drops into defence as Salulani takes the defensive midfield role

  92. Mwebantu says:

    Either the section was pathetic, or the crop of players available are pathetic, or the standard of play at home is pathetic, or the administration is pathetic, or the preparation was pathetic, or the players have no vision and john is to blame.

  93. sly says:

    Toaster and Benedict are Zambia’s let down.

  94. ZamFoot says:

    63′ Zambia 1 – 3 RSA
    Good counter attack by RSA but they are caught offside

  95. Billy says:

    This Zambia U23 is really crap. It s indeed tough being a Zambian at this time. Everything is just crap.

  96. Big Steve 4rm SA says:


  97. Billy says:

    Surely how can you concede goals in a space of ~10 minutes? Useless team. Zambia U23 ni fima kula.

  98. ZamFoot says:

    66′ Zambia 1 – 3 RSA
    Not clear where the goals will come from for Zambia

  99. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    The usual nay sayers will have a field day on Zamfoot today….. My prediction is that the word vindicated will be used over 500 times by close of business tomorrow

  100. 90minutes says:

    how come toaster has not made a dive in all three goals?

  101. ZamFoot says:

    68′ Zambia 1 – 3 RSA
    Luchanga tried to hit the ball from outside the area on the turn but its not accurate and goes over the bar

  102. Neutral says:

    I said it’s rubbish!!!!

  103. ZamFoot says:

    70′ Zambia 1 – 3 RSA
    Good defending by Sakala and he pushes up to help attack. amounts to nothing for Zambia

  104. ZamFoot says:

    70′ Zambia 1 – 3 RSA
    Zambia defence again cut to shreds by RSA but ref flags for offiside

  105. F-15 says:

    mental weakness. u start second half relaxed, they score u.. confused. they score u again… peplexed. they score you third time…. dead

  106. ZamFoot says:

    Goooaalllll Billy Mutale

    72′ Zambia 2 – 3 RSA
    Corner to Zambia after Katema short is deflected out and Billy scores from the corner

  107. john says:

    Why can’t you f00ls admit I’m right. This should now serve as warning to the nation team. Lwandimina should not be allowed to handle the team in the group stage. National selection should be transparent. Mayuka must come back, fwayo, kola,mbola, etc and those silly full backs have to go. Those I’m telling you are not the best under 23 zambia have. Someone chose those players. The one who did is too blame and we all know who it is.

  108. Mwebantu says:

    Zambia 2-3 RSA (Billy Mutale)

  109. ZamFoot says:

    75′ Zambia 2 – 3 RSA
    Chepeshi cross on the right is cleared by RSA.
    Zambia has evened the possession now

  110. Badosqi says:

    S.A 3 vs 2 Zam

  111. Ata says:


  112. Rascozy says:

    Surely the most successful football nation in Southern Africa is showing class. Viva SA

  113. DISCIPLINE says:

    toast,chepeshi,body and kayame have cost as an olympic place and most funny part is the same mentioned useless lads are part of the senior set up.

  114. Bingoras nimbus says:

    After sate sate got out….

  115. chamz says:

    Local coaches lack technical ability. But you guys cried for local coaches. The government does not want to pay for expert coach.

  116. Neutral says:

    John don’t call us fools. You may be the one of such if you enjoy such language.

    Minister of sport said if anyone can be paying the salary even now an expertriate can be hired. How long did this U-23 side train and with no friendly?

    Its I’ll prepared.

  117. ZamFoot says:

    77′ Zambia 2 – 3 RSA
    RSA corner….
    Zambia clear but again poor on the second ball like when they conceded… Nsabata to the rescue

  118. Don says:

    This Toaster dude is so jittery. Still down 2-3.

  119. ZamFoot says:

    78′ Zambia 2 – 3 RSA
    Lubambo goes down and looking injured….
    but he picks himself up

  120. Rascozy says:

    How old is that Zambian with 18 Jersey number. I think he is too ‘young’ to play for U23. If that guy was a West African we would have been hearing alot of things now

  121. ZamFoot says:

    81′ Zambia 2 – 3 RSA
    RSA keeper goes down and is being attended to

  122. intel11 says:


  123. Badosqi says:

    RSA will be the biggest loser here if they should gift zambia a third goal.
    Zambia cannot defeat senegal but RSA can stand Tunisia. Going to the tunisia game with 3 points will be ok for RSA.

  124. ZamFoot says:

    85′ Zambia 2 – 3 RSA

  125. ZamFoot says:

    87′ Zambia 2 – 3 RSA
    Zambia Sub: Spencer out Aubrey Chirwa in

  126. Watch Over says:

    From the first whilstle Zambia lost its system even now they are playing chipantepante

  127. Bingoras nimbus says:

    Guys let them go.we wasted our chance.just a game.

  128. Mwebantu says:

    Hello Duncandinho, please keep taking care of heart patients here!

  129. ZamFoot says:

    89′ Zambia 2 – 3 RSA
    As it stands, Zambia will be the first team out of the tournament

  130. Don says:

    Lack of preparations has come to haunt us again,this will happen to the senior team also if Kalu and his administration are still bent on Fikaisova philosophy.

  131. ZamFoot says:

    89′ Zambia 2 – 3 RSA
    Chiirwa cross is cut off for a corner

  132. abiaso says:

    technically we are not good.

  133. ZamFoot says:

    90′ Zambia 2 – 3 RSA
    Four minutes added

  134. Mwebantu says:

    Cipantepante kwati ni Fwayo.

  135. Mwebantu says:

    We need Sunguluma!

  136. Rascozy says:

    When is the next bus/flight to Lusaka?

  137. Badosqi says:


    South Africa 3 – 2 Zambia.

    Zambia Out.

  138. Don says:

    Back to the drawing board before we get on the plane.

  139. Egwugwu says:

    Accept our coaches are useless,and will keep on saying it on this blog that , paul katema is not national team material and sorry no hard feelings for him .chepeshi and boyd allows clinical crosses which have resulted in to opponents scoring. bring in an expatriate i can assure you these player wont make even a bench.
    SAD to see our football go down like this.

  140. Billy says:

    Hehehehehehe, as usual losing is the Zambian way. Congrats South Africa. Well deserved win. As for Zambia, hehe, you have the ocean to cross.

  141. Egwugwu says:


  142. Fc Luo says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen these team is full of failures and coach is clueless……I said we are out wen we lost to tunisia……it’ s final we are amakula

  143. Fc Luo says:

    Same story at Afcon,Under 23,under 20 and Under 17 africa cups we are mere participants not competitors………….no frendlies no poor travel arrangements……if a mouse stays for a long tym it becomes part of it……..we need a revolutionalist and strategic leader to remove inferiority complex against arab teams and to inspire players to maintain the lead afta scoring goals

  144. chifwa sc says:

    I rejoice the most when zambia wins because I suffer the most when we looses

  145. chifwa sc says:

    Chipolopolo we are chipolopolo we shall continue to be

  146. Absolutly not enfact he is a foreigner

  147. NAZO says:

    Here we are, the drawing board hasn’t worked yet again.We Zambians are not serious in what ever we do be it in elections.Where was Bruce Musakanya,Evans Kangwa,Emmanuel Mbola,Malambo,Julius Situmbeko Larry Bwalya, Davy Daka and that Goalkeeper Nsabata shouldn’t be near to any National team,he is useless.He costed us a game against Japan and today he has done the same.Sate is another useless creature,that is Renard didn’t like him.

  148. Rascozy says:

    FC LUO So u mean Zambia is scared of the white(Albino) Skin? Hard luck to Zambia.As usual it is a learning process for the U23 team. they will use the experience gained from this tourney to improve Chipolopolo. My very question is when is Zambia going to graduate from their school. When will their national teams cease to be learners/Students to be come graduates?

  149. Sibs says:

    Our soccer is gone to the dogs. We need change at the top. I will say it our local Coaches can’t take us anywhere. They have a LID when it comes to a certain stage.

    Both Tunisia and RSA had average teams but they managed to beat us. This says something about our soccer????

  150. Fc Luo says:

    @ Rascozy Bro true…….good statement and analysis…..the fear the north africans the white albino skin…..even the Afcon we won we failed to beat Libya we drew…..coz of inferiority complex…platers think ther are our colonial masters

  151. Fc Luo says:

    I mean players fear north africans the think ther our colonial masters trying to exchange them for Bata if wen them…..look at Moise Katumbi he has inspired them to overcome Arabs teams and remove inferiority

  152. chilufya chinfulunganya says:

    john and positive thinkin.its like we tha only ones who realise kalu ws a gud footballer bt pathetic administrator and coach.hes in it for business so he cn sell players.no future pa zed

  153. local trainers are a let down ,faz has tried to put them were they are now.but in return bullshit ,rubbish results nonsense

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