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Adepoju tips Nigeria to beat Zambia


Former Super Eagles’ midfielder, Mutiu Adepoju has lambasted the Zambian national team for bragging that they will get all three points in the Russia 2018 qualifier against Nigeria, saying that talking tough does not count in football.

The ‘Headmaster’. As he was fondly called during his hay days in the Super Eagles, said he was confident in the ability of Nigeria to beat the Chipolopolo of Zambia when they meet in Uyo next month.

The former Racing Santander star who is no stranger to the World Cup, having played in the in the 1994 and 1998 editions, said the Zambians can continue boasting while Nigeria will do the playing and winning on the field.

“I listened to the Zambia coach saying his boys will come to Nigeria and shock the Eagles come next week and even opened an early camp before the game, but I tell you it’s funny to me because Cameroon also made this same insinuation before the game last month and were taken to the cleaners by the Super Eagles in the last game in Uyo.

“In fact, I want to urge all Nigerians to start planning for the trip to Russia next year because, Nigeria will thrash the Zambians next week in Uyo.”

Adepoju said he was particularly impressed with the players called up for the game, saying there was no need to change a winning team.

“When I saw the list, I was impressed because the team is very strong and formidable and just like the last game against Cameroon, I expect an almost similar line-up with the exception of just one aspect of the defence that should be checked going into the crucial encounter, which I believe can be improved on.

“I believe the last line-up was good and if a team is winning, there is absolutely nothing wrong in maintaining it. The only thing is, where they are little lapses, the coaches should work on them in order for it not to be exploited by the Zambians,” Adepoju said.

Nigeria will host Zambia in Uyo on October 7 and a win or a draw will guarantee a 6 World Cup appearance.

19 Comments to Adepoju tips Nigeria to beat Zambia

  1. Nazo says:

    Cameroon come with prestige of being African Champions but Zambia is wounded and you know Zambia/Nigeria is always a big game.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Lol what? Zambia v Nigeria is always a big game? Maybe to Zambians not to Nigerians. Our big games are vs Ghana, CIV and Cameroon. Nobody in Nigeria is losing sleep over this fixture.

  3. Evans says:

    just wait and see Nigerians how you be shocked

  4. Nazo says:

    @ Jimmy,what are you talking about in 2012, Zambia managed to beat both Ivory Coast and Ghana.In 2013, Nigeria survived.Even in 1994, Nigeria survived with a team from nowhere, just wait you will be shocked.

  5. henry says:

    The Zambians are so good they lost to the Eagles in their backyard with the eagles missing a few regulars. All of a sudden they are now wounded. As far as this qualifiers is concerned, the only tangible points for Chipolopolo so far is the draw in Yaonde. Those victories against Algeria should not be celebrated too much because they are just overrated. The eagles should wallop them very easily next week. They will have an idea what it means to play a top team prepping for the wold cup.

    • Anonymous says:

      Henry i think you do not follow football. This is not the Zambian team that Nigeria beat in Zambia earlier, may be they are only two or three players remaining. this is a completely new team with young ones that ran rampage on Algeria both home and away…and they will do the same to Nigeria. Check the line-up of the team Nigeria beat is not the same line-up that beat Algeria.You must watch the space !!

      • henry says:

        Perhaps, that makes it more interesting, doesn’t it? I hope you will be here during half time next week. You will have an idea why some of the Eagles are top European stars whilst Chipolopolo are cutting their skills in obscured leagues.

  6. Mark c says:

    My prodictions zambia 2 vs Nigeria 1.Nigeria will loose the pressure is on them.

  7. Jimmy says:

    @Nazo Nigeria survived or you needed a late non existent penalty help from the ref to tie? Lol
    What about the most recent meeting? When was the last time Zambia defeated Nigeria even? I can’t remember. Mane I wasn’t born then. Zambia are a nothing team as far as Nigeria are concerned QED.

  8. Jimmy says:

    @Nazo Nigeria survived or you needed a nonexistent late penalty help from the ref to tie? Lol
    What about the most recent meeting, who survived? When was the last time Zambia even beat Nigeria? Maybe I wasn’t born then. Zambia are a nothing team as far as Nigeria are concerned. You are not our rivals QED.

  9. Zulu says:

    @nazo, Zambia has never won against a west african team away on thier soil so think of how to overcome that first before talking about world cup

  10. Nazo says:

    {@ Zulu my boy, Zambia has never beaten North African team either but this time around,they managed.Football is how you apply yourself in the ground not on the internet.2010 Angola AFCON,Nigeria survived had it not been for a poor officiating, Zambia would have carried the day.Mark my word, it will be a Total war in uyo.Nigerians shouldn’t be fooled by that 2-1 win in Ndola,it happen with South Africa.In 2006/2007 Ghana Afcon, qualifier Zambia was beaten by a lone Goal through Aaron Mokaena but what happened in Cape Town? in 20 Minutes were down by 3-0. My brother underrate Zambia at your own risk.

  11. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Mr. Mutiu Adepoju you are Nigeria and therefore a clean case that you support your team, but the fact is you wont be on the pitch that day, not even amoung the coaching staff bata ta imwe, keep your beak shut

  12. Abdulrazak says:

    What on earth have Zambian fans been smoking? It is clouding Their sense of reasoning.

  13. olayinka says:

    i’ll like to restrict my comment to what the table says…i just wondered, how is it so fast for most zambian fans to consider a team that is 3 points ahead of your team a mere push aside. hope ur boys are preparing as much as u talk?

  14. Tgrace says:

    Haaaaaaaaaaa! Thanks Mr. Adepoju, to u Zambians wait and see we dn’t play mind games let the pitch do the talking.
    May I ask who can withstand Mikel in the midfield, who can stop V.Moses and S.Moses on the wings I tell you this it is Nigeria 4 v 0 Zambia and prepare for an early goal

    • henry says:

      My thought exactly. Bring youth to play top players like V Moses & Mikel is not a very intelligent thing to do. The Eagles will overrun them very quickly.

  15. Tgrace says:

    Yes sir, Zambia in trouble. This is a warning for the mouthed Zambia coach who’s mouth is oilly and creamy. With this goal for Arsenal I declare another goal 4 Alex Iwobi against Zambia (second half goal).

    Nigeria 4 v 0 Zambia

    Goal scorers

    *V. Moses

    *S. Moses

    *O. Ighalo

    *A. Iwobi

    Goal Assisst

    *V. Moses

    *O. Ighalo

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