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2019 Cosafa Cup: Zambia in final after eliminating Zimbabwe

The Zambia national soccer team has progressed to the finals of the 2019 Cosafa Cup tournament after eliminating perennial rivals Zimbabwe 4 – 2 on penalties. This was after the two teams played out to a goalless draw in regular time.

The Chipolopolo will match on to the final to play Botswana after eliminating the defending champions in a pulsating match that brought out the best of the Zambian defence.

Stand-in coach Aggrey Chiyangi made two changes to the team that struggled to beat Malawi in the quarter final bringing in Clement Mwape for Gift Zulu at right back and Jack Chirwa for Webster Muzaza in midfield.

Zimbabwe who are preparing for the Africa Cup of Nations tournament made eight changes to the team that played in the quarter finals. The changes didn’t seem to unsettle them as they started strong knocking the ball around very well with Zambia hardly keeping any possession in the first 10 minutes.

However, once the Chipolopolo settled, they were creating chances and making the Zimbabwe keeper Elvis Chipezeze work to keep the champions in the game.

The eventual man of the match Chipezeze was on hand to save an Austin Muwowo penalty in the 40th minute after Zambia were awarded a soft penalty for a handball in the box. This was after he had twice kept out Lazarous Kambole at point blank range who pounced in a loose ball with an over head kick and earlier a shot from inside the box.

After the restart it was end to end football with skipper Adrian Chama doing well in defending and marshaling his charges while an excellent Mwange in goal had his biggest highlight when he turned Knowledge Musona’s goal bound shot around the post.

With both teams failing to break the deadlock, the game went to penalties.

Zimbabwe missed their first two penalties and failed to recover from that as Zambia went on to score four spot kicks through Tandi Mwape, Jack Chirwa, Mwila Phiri and Bruce Musaknaya.

The Chipolopolo who lost twice lost to Zimbabwe in the finals in the previous two tournaments will now face Botswana in the final who beat Lesotho in the other semi-final match.

Zambia XI v Zimbabwe

Sebastian Mwange, Clement Mwape, Adrian Chama, Tandi Mwape, Mwila Phiri – Benson Sakala, Jackson Chirwa – Austin Muwowo (Webster Muzaza) – Ernest Mbewe (Bruce Musakanya), Tapson Kaseba, Lazarous Kambole (Emmanuel Chabula)

Zimbabwe XI v Zambia

Elvis Chipezeze, Tendayi Darikwa, Divine Lunga, Alec Mudimu , Talent Chawapihwa, Marshal Munetsi, Thabani Kamusoko, Teenage Hadebe, Knowledge Musona, Admiral Muskwe, Tafadzwa Kutinyu.

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22 Comments to 2019 Cosafa Cup: Zambia in final after eliminating Zimbabwe

  1. Paradox says:

    Were is my friend stumpy. I have seen john the dentist. I miss stumpy, lulu and may baby hammer collectively known as The wailers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where are you guys who were rubbishing Chiyangi and his team. Can you show your faces?

  3. STUMPY says:

    this infant paradox has not grown up. anyway, good work by zambia, seen zimbabwe are hot prepping for afcon. am off to play Fifa 19 online

  4. John says:

    We are here. You’re impressed by that performance? You think we can qualify to the world cup with performance? Zim players are now a bunch of tired legs and so we should not be excited by this. However, we have shown that we have strength in depth and good potential though the attackers are poor. Lazarous is one of the best strikers we have but he can’t tick with poor supply. Zambia should win the trophy but a lot of work needs to be done to qualify for the world cup in Qatar.

    • El-Tageto says:

      Hahaha oh boy

    • Stigah says:

      Are we playing to qualify to the world cup? I thought this was cosafa and the coach made it right when he said cosafa will be used to prepare for chan.Let us have faith in our team which only has local product.For its cosafa and when the world cup qualifyin games start that’s when we can talk about that.Strikers Indeed need to up the game and midfield lucked aggressiveness but all in all they accounted themselves well compared to the first game.

    • Anonymous says:

      We are talking cosafa here not world cup. Can you imagine Zimbabwe with full team A failing to create any good chance against chips team C. that means we re heading somewhere my friend. bola nizigole.

  5. Stigah says:

    Are we playing to qualify to the world cup? I thought this was cosafa and the coach made it right when he said cosafa will be used to prepare for chan.Let us have faith in our team which only has local product.For its cosafa and when the world cup qualifyin games start that’s when we can talk about that.Strikers Indeed need to up the game and midfield lucked aggressiveness but all in all they accounted themselves well compared to the first game.

  6. Felix fanina says:

    Though we’re going play the final we need to improve in all departments.

  7. GSK11 says:

    Congratulations to the coach and team. You managed to eliminate a COSAFA powerhouse with a Clean sheet and calmness under pressure!!
    I hope Botswana do not surprise but wish you well for final!!!


    I said it for I know Zambia plays well under pressure as Zambian players need a Coach who will tell them what they are playing for, they need a Coach who can push them to their destiny and that is what Harve Renard did in 2012. I know Zambians very well because I am also a Zambian, they are very negative people who lack constructive criticism and logical approach to issues that is why Crooks thrive in Zambia. Against Botswana it is a mind game as well as a duel of the Neighbours with Zambia being superior. However, Zambia must be very cautious and use their superiority by employing efficiency in both their techniques and tactics as that is how South Africa always wins against these small teams. That Clement Mwape will be a very good defender, Well done Aggrey Chiyangi and the Boys!

  9. Anonymous says:

    After watching the two semi finals, it has become clear to me that Zambia has fallen behind the rest of the SADC region in terms of player development. It’s not just that we were outplayed by a better Zimbabwe side. It’s also how individually the Zimbabwean players did all the right things as compared to the Zambian players. Just as an example the midfielders from Zimbabwe would first control the ball before taking any other action. That’s the way Zambian midfielders played not so long ago. We taught our neighbours this technique then we stopped using it. The Zambian midfielders from the past two games had problems controlling the ball to begin with. Another example is how the Zimbabwean midfielders were passing the ball forward. But if you examine the Zambian central midfielders in particular, they are adept at making square passes which take the team exactly nowhere.
    These are just a couple of weaknesses I saw in the Zambian game. If we continue with toys type of play, Botswana will have a field day.

  10. Paradox says:

    Anonymous, truth, stumpy and. john good to hear from you guys. it reminds me of the old zamfoot days.

  11. John says:

    The Zambian team was clueless going forward. There was no play maker in the team to make quality passes. In addition, musona dribbled passed the Zambian defence on several occasions. We were lucky to survive. The midfield is very poor and kambole cannot show his quality.

  12. Kasama Boy says:

    The deficiencies we all saw in the Zambian team are because this is a developmental side and not the ‘Real Deal.”

    There is a difference here that we should not ignore. We are using a C side and comparing it with A sides, how unfair!!!

    Give the boys their due. They have now just played only their second game as a unit. Personally I think they are progressing and doing very well. They are excellent by their standards.

    The team preparing for the next AFCON and the next World Cup in Qatar is the one now in camp in Zambia. This one in Durban is preparing for CHAN. For the first time in a long time I see the FAZ and their coaches doing things the right way.

    Let’s wait for the results in 2022.

  13. Sibs says:

    Hey John long time mate! I hope this is the old John we knew some time way back when Zamfoot just started. From the writing it seems like ‘The Real Dear John”.

    On the game the team had no coordinated play and you can see they haven’t been playing together compared to the Zimbabwe team which has been together for years. They Zim players know and understand each other. It is very unfair to compare this 3rd tier Zambian team to a full strength Zim team which had nearly everyone playing except their 1st choice Goal keeper. The boys held their own. I did not expect them to win to be honest becuase i watched the Zim team during the qualifiers when they went to Kinshasha DRC and beat DRC at home in Stade Le Marty as well at home against Congo Brazzaville in Harare. Zimbabwe came out top of a Group which also had Liberia. This was much tough Group compared to the easy which Zambia had.
    hey same team beat us 4-2 last year.

    Let the boys grow. Impressed with the Keeper and the “Big Mwape” defender.

  14. Paddy says:

    Didn’t watch the match so my comment is directed towards some of the comments posted.
    1. Congrats to Zambia C for upsetting Zim.
    2. This may be Zambia C but anyone in this group who decides to take matters in his owns can easily challenge for a spot in the Zambia A team. It’s all about personal desire and ambition.
    3. The notion that this is about Cosafa and not the World Cup is misguided and a clear indication of being short-sighted. To suggest that we’ll talk about the World Cup when we start World Cup qualifyers is biggest mistake we’ve been making for many years. Now is the time to talk and prepare for World Cup 2022 and even 2026. That’s what successful teams do. Players on this Cosafa team, those going to Morocco and the foreign legion must all fight for a spot in main team.
    4 winning the Cosafa cup would be great for our pride and confidence. We need to get back to being a regional powerhouse for a start. And this will only happen when we stop thinking that we can just row over “so called” minnows.

  15. Anonymous CM says:

    @ Kasama Boy. I understand how you feel. But I don’t agree with you. Every player in the Zambian football squad for Cosafa 2019 is a professional player in the Zambian Super League. What kind of professional fails at the fundamentals. Nobody expects them to play at the standard of the European game. But they should at the very least be comfortable with the basics. A player with years of experience at the highest level of Zambian football should have no problem with passing or ball control. Rusty the Zambian players failed even at this is very worrying indeed. I am not eager to leave it to chance. A review of how we produce players in Zambia should be carried out. Zambia should take action rather than wait and see what happens in 2022.

  16. Badboy says:

    That botswana reserve team looks dangerous, I am afraid….very afraid of them

  17. Badboy says:

    That Botswana reserve team look dangerous, my stomach cringe when I picture how the pass the pig skin

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