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2016 ZSL: Final league standings & Top Scorers

The 2016 FAZ MTN Super League closed on Saturday 10th December, 2016.

Zanaco romped to the title 9 points clear of second placed Zesco United with 71 goals scored in 34 games.

14 diferent players were on target and they had three own goals to aff to that.

Walter Bwalya  proved what a goal scorinig machine he is as he banged in 24 goals feat which has not been achieved in the league for so many years.

Kenyan international Jesse Were was second on the goal scorers chart while Rodrick Kabwe hit double figures to stand as the higest scoring midfielder.

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12 Comments to 2016 ZSL: Final league standings & Top Scorers

  1. chris busy says:

    these are the strikers that’re needed to the national team but we just have to wait for FAZ to polish up the curent issues over Walter Bwalya is wen we can have the fine striker,physic & lethal interms of pilling pressure on defenders.

  2. kuku says:

    Congrats to ZANACO.
    Qualifiers have already started with coach building a team, but this top scorer should certainly be useful addition to the Chipolopolo to agree with @chris busy. It will be easy to slot him in at home with the fans watching against anyone alienating him. I like that one who says national team places are not personal to holder.


    What is the problem with including Walter Bwalya in the National team – chipolopolo.

  4. As for me I don’t understand why walter bwalya is not called to the national team because last time someone was saying that FAZ is still sorting out his nationality but FAZ is yet to make a sentiment concerning his nationality they are quiety that’s why I will always call kamanga a failure useless and a big flop

  5. STUMPY says:

    beter have a failure than a corrupt kalu.

  6. Some people don’t reason properly here this kalu you are calling corrupt he was never charged of corruption by the anti corruption commission and this kazala guy was cleared by the anti corruption commission so if you say kalu is corrupt then your head need to be checked properly

  7. Here in zambia we have the anti corruption commission and the zambian police so mr stump if you have evidence that kalu is corrupt report him to the anti corruption commission and the zambian police they will do they job.this flop you are calling kamanga has no vision to take our football to the next level.we are host the under 20 Afcon they is nothing on the ground in terms preparation,the organising commitee,which hotel will be use for accomodations,the stadium that will be used as a training ground,what are the host cities etc but some people are failing to see this

  8. chris busy says:

    let us just put mo encouragements in leading the zambian football bcoz many pipo out there are the beneficially of ur information dont b completly negativ bcoz this site is so fruitfu

  9. Anonymous says:

    Congrats to ZANACO. This Walter Bwalya’s goals are the in the League or it includes CUP Games?

  10. Sibs says:

    Congrats to ZANACO. This Walter Bwalya’s goals are the in the League or it includes CUP Games?

  11. GSK11 says:

    walter Bwalya – huge gap between him and the rest. Lets hope 30 goals next season and NKana are champs!

  12. Ba Kalampa says:

    Walter Bwalya qualifies to play for chipolopolo…but we all know why he is not with the national team..UTULO BY FAZ…Only after the DRC moves in thats when you will hear that Wedson Nyirenda is calling him to the national team (before even clearing his nationality status ka).

    Watch this space…By the way who remembers “ALL STARS VERSUS THE REST”…this was always the after season game to watch!.Hope it comes back

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