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U20 Afcon: Zambia 3 – 1 Egypt (Player rater)

Zambia Under-20 camed from behind to beat the young pharoahs of Egypt 3-1 in an exciting match at Lusaka’s Heroes Stadium in a Group A dead rubber match

The script was the same as it was at the 1996 African Cup of Nations, goals from Elijah Litana, Vincent Mutale and the late Dennis Lota earned Zambia a semi final berth over Egypt.

Below the ZamFoot Crew’s Kondwani Gondwe takes a look at how the ‘Chipolopolo Jnr’ fared.

1. Mangani Banda– 8

Was always ready when called on. A tad sleepy for the opener. Beaten at near post only to concede his second goal of the tournament

13. Shemmy Mayembe – 6

Though he is good at overlapping, the Zesco United right back has been failing to curl in crosses despite being in better position. Still did well in defensive positions.

3. Prosper Chiluya – 7

Not always called on. But was always ready to be involved in attack when it came down to it.

5. Solomon ‘Skippo’ Sakala – 7

Captain. Was always ready to commit to the tackle and stop the attacks. Nearly took out the Egyptian defender.

2. Moses Nyondo – 8

An absolutely calm presence at the back and looked to play the ball into a man rather than clear. Top drawer stuff.

21. Boyd ‘The Tanker’ Musonda – 6

Always pressing although he seemed determined to stay on his feet so he can’t pick up a booking for the knock out stages.

His protection of the back four was superb.

7. Chrispine Sakulanda -5

Looked a bit timid in his display. Always had an amazing first touch. Should have had square the ball for Fashion Sakala on the counter. Substituted in the first half.

On the eve of the tournament, he was the first choice right winger ahead of Edward Chilufya but a bout of flu kept him out of the first game and the ‘Kasama Boy’ has grasped his run in the team.

11. Enock ‘Computer’ Mwepu- 8

Provided a consummate cross for Fashion Sakala’s goal to take the lead. Intelligently used the ball.

10. Fashion ‘Thee Swag’ Sakala – 8

3 goals in 3 games. Good rate going. A bit unintelligible with his runs that got flagged for offside. Grand showing from the Spartak Moscow B boy

14. Edward ‘Tiger’ Chilufya – 7

Always looks to be about to do something. A bit unlucky not to be involved in a goal.

Intelligent runs and he is always on the move. His take off was spot.

He has been compared to the late Timothty ‘Teacher’ Mwitwa. In terms of goal threat then it has to be Simon Bwalya. He is a real threat in the box.

20. Patson ‘Papa’ Daka – 9

Two goals for his efforts. Mark of a good forward. Always running and keeping the defenders on their toes. A committed showing with goals.

Good of grabbed a hatrick.


12. Emmanuel ‘The Maestro’ Banda – 7

Tidy passer of the ball. Always looking to break the lines with a through ball. A solid shout to start the Semi final.

The influence of Emmanuel Banda is also very clear on the team. Its seemed most of them were struggling before he came in to pull the strings and bring everyone into play

Mwila Mwape – NA.

Not on long enough to to rate.

You can vote for your best player of the group stage for Zambia in he poll section on the home page. You are allowed two votes.

25 Comments to U20 Afcon: Zambia 3 – 1 Egypt (Player rater)

  1. Discipline says:

    Unappreciated Edward Chilufya and prices daka for me these are the consistency players thus far for three games chipos has played

    • Nostra says:

      It will take time to have a “Kalaba”, a special player! But if I had to look at faces and outer body language… Then
      Those 2 boys are ready for Arsenal.

  2. Vinkubala says:

    Ba Zambia!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. chungu Joseph says:

    Emmanuel Banda,what cards player.He didn’t start because of a yellow card.senior national team material

  4. Chisuta says:

    zamfoot u r right wth our rightback, he is not gud at those crosses. On chilufya he is gud, i hop chambeshi can get him for lumwana ed nyondo also.

  5. soccerguru says:

    Ba Zamfoot. …..Firstly Paston Daka is the best young forward we have had since Jacob Mulenga. …..what he lacks in technique he makes up for It in heart and desire ……and he is above his peers in technique and tactics. ….For example …..He held his runs professionally and ran the channels well unlike Fashion who was always been caught offside….The lads played well….but I don’t understand why Beston did not change his side to rest players ….and give others a chance to prove themselves….This could cost us come Sunday as the boys will be tired …..Boys Muston da even got injured….that was very disappointing from quick silver….He clearly won’t take us far at the world cup if he is so limited in his management…..and what beef does he have with Conlyde Luchanga

    • Nostra says:

      @Guru, that’s why you SoccerGuru. I can’t disagree, but only add another question mark. Is there discipline or fitness on why Luchanga is not used as supersub to rest some players? Even Fashion was fatigued, ended up with yellow card.

  6. serenje says:

    history repeated

  7. soccerguru says:

    If Edward Chilufya is the number 14 ….am not happy with him takes too long on the ball and Costs us chances ….at one point Fashion told him off for failing to pass the ball and wasting it with some useless fancy footwork…..He has to improve this

  8. Amandla says:

    That’s what we are talking about boys! “This is our time!” “We are in it to win it!” Thank you “award winning coach of 2012!” He spoke these words and we will repeat them! Thank you Beston Quicksilver” Chambeshi as well!

  9. Amandla says:

    Boys I like your selfless attitude and commitment to one another. That is what will take you places! Above all you give God the glory while your friends give their god applause!

  10. Luapula bize says:

    I am happy we have a strong front line and generally a good team BUT, i must mention that the boys have a long way to go in terms of precision in passing. They’re not good enough and its so disappointing – they keep loosing possession unnecessarily! A number of their passes are either too weak or too strong for the intended chipolopolo player. A good team at the World Cup could punish as severely. Ba Chambeshi you have lots of work to do in that area. PLENTY OF WORK INDEED. Nonetheless, congrats.

  11. Kuku says:

    Great analysis zamfoot. Futuristically, so far we have made a statement against these teams for future engagements. Remember all the teams we have beaten came with the cream of their future teams. Like others I maintain my hope we are on course to do well.
    The reason why Saluklanda was substituted is that his first thought was all about himself. Like my idea of how to progress in this career, these boys need each other more than ever before.
    We caused Egypt to be knocked out of the tournament by doing our best, and Egypt was very good on the eye and would be to a scout. I think our boys are picking up, they have to be looking like the Litana’s and Vincent Mutale’s when on the ball. And the Timnothy Mwitwa’s indeed – control your energy as you win your games. Great staff. In this we played the play maker. In other games we have been expansive. I will say unpredictabl so far. Good thing from the Silver bench.

  12. yazzy says:

    the reason why he didn’t change the team is that u can’t change the winning team

  13. Kuku says:


  14. TC Soccerman says:

    I was one of the bloggers that doubted what Patson can do when some coach likened him to Malaza, look the boy is leathal. He is a great finisher and I like his pace and power. That boy is going places. Mwepu, my man. Plays like Spider-Man John lungu. Very dependable and intelligent on the ball. Emmanuel Banda and Sakala just add the creme de la creme, what a team we have, hopefully they stay focused and aim high. Please no South Africa, they will destroy our play. Everytime an agent mention South Africa, please think of mukuka mulenga.

  15. soccerguru says:

    Zamfoot we want an explanation on why Luchanga is being sidelined …..and won’t play even a formaformality game….we all know he is a good player. …..so why is he not playing???

    • Luapula size says:

      Soccerguru: Dont you think its the technical bench that can give you a better answer other than zamfoot?

    • kamwa says:

      For me Luchanga has failed to fit in, the 2 games he played he was not ticking. In the first game he failed to dictate the game, he was substituted. You could see that we did not miss him. In the second game he came in as a substitute, he failed to make a mark of his presence. He is competing with equally good players in his potential positions: Patson at No9, others being Fashion, Mwepu and Edward. With these players in form not injured, it will be difficult for Luchanga to have a place in this Team, he needs more time with the team as they prepare for South Korea. If he will join the Team much early for South Korea, he may remain on the bench…

  16. mkamanga says:

    well done boys.

  17. Kasama Boy says:

    Congratulations to the boys.

  18. Sibs says:

    Patson Daka and Emmanule Banda have been my best players so far. Especially E.Banda BRILLAIANT!! Every time he is on the ball its art.

  19. Sibs says:


  20. Samaita says:

    Guyz when we are building something for we need to be realistic with our comments. In our first match the technical bench made a big blunder. Upfront player were playing out of position. They only field two natural midfielders as a result the team failed to click upfront. The problem was in midfield. They subsituted luchanga and they introduced emmanuel banda.. The second game they made the same blunder.. They fielded sakulanda and edward chilufya.. And they substuted sakulanda and they introduced banda and we got goals.. The coaches they have some players they are marketing. Mwape mumba, luchanga and kenneth kalunga they are being kept on the bench for no any reason. If banda had not fight for the jersy he was not going to kick the ball. Remember the case of chisamba lungu.. This dirty thing have been happening for a long period of time.. This where we fail. Our coaches lack professionalism.. And denstiny will never favor us. If we do not give these young stars equal treatment. When banda was kept on the bench in the who knew that our winning goal was on the bench..

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